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Yesterday, after posting my racing The Hobbit cast dream, I went back and looked at my other dream post. I’d totally forgotten about the one where I was a man pregnant with Richard’s child! I think I must have been blocking it out. 😉 However, the realization that I’d already posted a dream such as that–one that could potentially get some knickers in a twist–I decided to go ahead and post another of my recent dreams.


I rise from bed and pad into the kitchen. There at the counter I climb onto a bar stool and see the paper and magazines laid out. As I’m flipping through, one article immediately catches my attention.

“Is Richard Armitage being kept out of the spotlight by his managers?”

Intrigued, I read through the article and am astonished by what I see. The reserved, private actor is in the midst of a controversy, having admitted in an interview towards the end of The Hobbit press conference that he likes, of all things, corndogs. Horrified by the possible backlash, it is rumored that that his PR team are working on damage control. Not only that, but they’ve insisted that the star return to his usual under the radar persona until things cool down.

That’s it? That doesn’t sound scandalous at all. There has to be more to this that what the article indicates. So what if he likes corn dogs. I like them too. They may not be the healthiest food, but as an occasional indulgence, I don’t see a problem.

There must be some slang definition I don’t know about. Having decided that this must be the case, I pull my laptop towards me, and boot it up. While waiting, I idly wonder what possible meaning “corn dog” could have as I sip my coffee.

Computer booted, I pull up my web browser, and type in the address for the one website I know will have answers to my question—Urban Dictionary. I type in “corn dog” and can feel myself holding my breath as I press enter, anxious and slightly nervous about what possible definitions might pop up.

The page loads and I scroll down. At what I see, I nearly spray coffee out of my mouth in shock.

Corn dog: A rough hand job, performed in a public location by a stranger, usually another male.


I cannot believe what I’ve just read. Richard Armitage is so notoriously private that such an admission seems impossible. My mind is spinning and spinning as I try and make sense of what I’ve read.

Ring, Ring, Ring

I jolted wide a wake and jumped out of bed to answer the phone. I’m still curious where this dream might have gone were it not for my abrupt wake up call.


FYI: When I looked up “corn dog” in a waking state—how could I not—I discovered there isn’t a definition even close to the one found in my dream.

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Crazy Dream

Only once before have I posted about dreams on this blog. Not because I’m disinclined to share, but because I so very rarely have dreams that I remember. For some strange reason, I’ve been having a lot of vivid dreams of late and all of them have had to do with Richard Armitage in some fashion or another. I don’t remember all of them, some of them I just wake up with vague impressions.

For instance, there was one that I know was a racy dream involving Richard and one of his Hobbit costars (I’m not naming names, but they reportedly went to see a film together). Gotta admit, I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t have a clear recollection of that one. 😉

Then there are the dreams that I can remember vividly when I wake up. So, here is one of those:

The cast of The Hobbit are doing a run across the United States of America as part of the promotion for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. To draw more attention, the powers that be decided it should be a race. I am the competition. Me against the whole of the cast.

As dreams often do, this one shifts in and out. I know I’m running and I get flashes of different landscapes as I progress across the country. Suddenly I’m standing in a hotel in Oklahoma City and overhear a conversation that has me livid. The cast are going to hop on a plane and fly the rest of the way to LA. However, once they get there, they are going to pretend that they’ve actually run the whole distance.

Pissed off at the injustice of it all I yell, “This is bullshit!” before storming off and down an escalator.

I hear Richard calling my name and see in my peripheral vision that he’s following me. As I get to the ground floor, I start running east–seeing as there isn’t any point in continuing with this farce of a race. I’m under an overpass at a major interchange when he finally catches up to me and apologizes. He tells me that he knows what they’re doing is horrible, but they don’t really have any say in the matter.

Then the dream faded.

Crazy, right? It is probably a good thing I don’t really go in for dream interpretation, because this one was just off the charts. 😉

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