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Nerdy Fangirl Alert

This post has nothing to do with RA. (I’m going with the “Me and My Thoughts” part of the blog name for this post. ;)) This is about a recent embarrassing fangirl squeeing moment. I LOVE the show Firefly-one of my favorites, hence the nerd girl alert. This is a show that I rewatch once or twice a year, even though there is only one season. Watching the show must of course be followed by watching Serenity (the major motion picture follow up to the show). You’re probably wondering why I’m mentioning this. I’ve discovered another quirky sci-fi show, courtesy of Netflix streaming. (I love Netflix, it did introduce me to RA!)



Anyway, this show that I’ve discovered recently is called Warehouse 13. It is about these government agents who work out of a warehouse in South Dakota. Myka and Pete are the two main field agents and they have great chemistry and banter. Their job is to find “artifacts” that have powers and threaten the world. I’m really enjoying this show, even going so far as to mention to members of my family that it kind of reminded me of Firefly.




So, tonight we’re watching Warehouse 13 and two of my favorite characters from Firefly are suddenly on the screen. I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I jumped up and annouced, “Oh my God, Simon and Kaylee are on this show!!!” My family looked at me like I was crazy, then laughed before they resumed watching the show.



Yeah, so that’s it. Nothing too terribly exciting. But seeing as RA’s fangirls squee on occasion, I thought you all might understand the momentary elation quickly followed by embarrassment. Oh, and if you like sci-fi, I’d recommend this show! 🙂

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