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Polyamorous Fangirling: Part 2

The multi-actor love started with Tom Hiddleston. Richard Armitage was still my main man, but I found room in my fangirl heart for Hiddles as my bit on the side. And now–I’ve found a bit for the other side.

It all started when I finally got around to watching Once Upon a Time. See, I missed all of the hype for Once Upon a Time when it first aired. But then, thanks to Netflix I was able to have a marathon watch of the first season. I LOVED the show. I think I watched something like 3 or 4 episodes every evening until I finished it. And lucky for me, I finished just in time for the premiere of season two.

Now in this second season a new character has been introduced whom I quite like–Captain Hook, also known as Killian Jones. There’s a little something something about him. Maybe it’s the blue eyes, the smirk, the guyliner…hmmm, maybe I have a type. 😉

Or maybe I just like men in period costume tied to trees! Oh wait, that fits the same type, doesn’t it?

Whatever the case, Colin O’Donoghue is a cutie pie, makes a dashing pirate and has a killer Irish accent.

I have a big fangirl heart! There’s plenty of room alongside RA and Hiddles for another…especially on my Tumblr. 😉

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