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Hobbit Trailer #2!!!! And Gifs, ’cause that’s how I roll.

Unless you live under a rock, or live somewhere where the new trailer came out while you were sleeping, you’ve seen this by now.

I really am a squeeing fool today! The trailer was awesome. We got to see a lot of new things AND the voice!!! Love the voice, I could listen to it all day long!

Okay, onto the gifs. I made a lot, because well, the trailer was awesome.

The Map

Gotta love some running dwarves…Thorin in particular!

And the dwarves begin to arrive.

These look like a fun lot to hang around!

Yeah, this one’s here just because Thorin is so pretty.

So kingly!

The Shire is so beautiful…and Bilbo’s off on an adventure.

I’m still curious to see how Galadriel fits in, but she looks stunning as does Rivendell.

The trolls have always been one of my favorite parts of the book!

Thorin being his haughty self.

Radagast and his bunny sled…lol!

Riddles in the dark!!!

Don’t think I’d want to encounter these wolves.

Bilbo stew anyone?

Yeah, Thorin just looks like a badass here!

Even more of a badass!

I love the humor and can I just say…ouch!

If you haven’t been here yet, there are extra snippets in each trailer.

Bilbo receives the contract.

I’d probably faint if I was contemplating being burned to ashes by Smaug too.

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The Magic of Books: Hobbit Wallpaper

I’ve been occupied for several days working on my special project for the big birthday coming up this week. Now that I’ve finished I’m back to having fun with Photoshop.

I came across this tutorial last week for Photoshop that I thought perfectly illustrated the magic of books. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I read a book my mind conjures up images of the characters and locations. Everything comes to life in vivid detail, if only in my mind. As much as I liked the tutorial and end product I decided to apply what I could to making a Hobbit wallpaper. If I were a little boy, this is how the world would look to me while reading the book. 🙂

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The Hobbit Pub has been saved!!!

Since I posted about the plight of The Hobbit Pub, I thought it would be appropriate to do an update. Based on the articles I’ve read it looks as if the pub has been saved. Paul Zaentz of The Saul Zaentz Company has reached out to the pub, and to the media to say that the whole thing has been a huge misunderstanding. Call me a pessimist, but I seriously doubt that the pub owners misunderstood anything. I tend to think that Mr. Zaentz would rather backtrack and take a small licensing fee, rather than have his name and company appear as villains. That being said, it sounds as if The Hobbit Pub will be able to maintain its Tolkien theme by paying a licensing fee of around $100 dollars a year. That sounds like a good deal to me!

What I hadn’t seen until I read Servetus’ post today, was this:

Image courtesy of Servetus’s blog.

I was already impressed by their willingness to speak up in favor of the pub and raise awareness. That they are personally willing to take on the expense of the licensing fee just makes me all the more proud to be a fan of both actors!

I won’t bombard you with article links to all the articles on this, but here is one you can check out.

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I cannot guarantee his safety…GIF

DarkJackal this is for you. I hope it is something along the lines of what they want. I followed directions I found for the number of pixels and file size for LiveJournal icons. Let me know if this is like what they were looking for.


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