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Dear Cyber Bully

Dear Cyber Bully,

What happened to make you so cruel? Did someone hurt you so badly that pain is the only form of communication you understand? Is your life so miserable that you can only find solace in the misery of others? If so, I feel sorry for you. I can’t imagine the kind of pain that would lead you to not only willfully hurt others, but revel in your success.

But here is the truth that you need to understand: Whatever happened in your past, doesn’t justify your actions in the present. Those people who hurt you aren’t responsible for the damage you inflict–you are. One day you will have to answer for the pain you have caused–because the weight of those actions is firmly upon your own shoulders.

You try to mask your vicious nature by saying you are protecting someone else. The one you are trying to protect doesn’t need your protection and even if they did…well I can’t imagine they would care for your methods.

If you disagree with the actions of others, there are better ways to voice your opinion. Remember though, that people might not agree with you–nor are they required too. You are not God and your opinions are not law. You would find the world a happier place if you could see the beauty in individuality–rather than seeking to oppress those who view the world differently than you.

Maybe you, like Lord Voldemort should “try for some remorse.” Unfortunately, you don’t even realize that you are guilty of wronging others. I pray that someday soon you will see the error of your ways–that you will make amends and join with our community in a way that benefits us all.

“Our little community” is full of smart, talented, funny and caring people. Each and every person brings something wonderful to the table. I look forward to the day you realize that the uniqueness of each individual is what makes us stronger.

But until that day, please just stay away. You’ve hurt too many people already. We don’t need anymore wounded in our ranks.


Jas Rangoon

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