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Why do good actors make crappy movies? Or, the allure of Twilight.

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In RA land we’ve heard Lee Pace’s name mentioned a few times lately. There was the spotting of RA and LP at a showing of Prometheus and then Pace apparently confirmed that Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage will indeed be attending Comic Con (excuse me while I pause to squee).

Now, I’ve enjoyed watching Lee Pace in the past. Pushing Daisies was a fun show with a quirky plot and it was always eye-catching. It has however, been a while since I’ve seen him in anything. This was reason enough for me to look him up and I was surprised to see that he’s in the final installment of The Twilight franchise.

Lee Pace as Garret the vampire in a still from Breaking Dawn Part 2.
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The question I have to ask is: why? Forget about the books for a minute and lets talk about the movies. They suck! The studios saw a way to make bucket loads of money by churning out cheap, poorly written movies that tweens to Twi-moms would devour as though they were starving. There isn’t much artistic integrity going into these movies (at least from what I can see). So I have to wonder what the appeal is to a talented actor.

Is it the money? That it is an easy job? Do they take into consideration the fact that although crappy, the movies will certainly boost their visibility in Hollywood? In my head, I imagine an actor with a pros and cons list, trying to decide if the role will benefit them enough to make it worth their time.

What do you think? There has to be a good reason that talented actors like Michael Sheen (Oscar nominee), Lee Pace and even Dakota Fanning (although she is in the Twilight demographic) choose to make these movies.

Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen in the Twilight Franchise

In the case of Lee Pace, I’m just glad he has a role in The Hobbit films. He’s a talented guy, and I look forward to seeing him in something that will showcase those talents.

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