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Richard Armitage: One Private Guy

I think I mentioned this when I was doing the 30 Day Challenge, but one of the things I like best about Richard Armitage is how he manages to keep his private life out of the news. Living in an age when the lives of anyone with a public profession are splattered all over the tabloids and entertainment shows on TV, it seems like an even bigger accomplishment to not have your private affairs on display for public consumption.

His privacy has been on my mind a lot of late as I’ve noticed the uptick in searches for information about who he’s dating and if he’s married. Not because I think people shouldn’t look. Truth be told, I searched for all of that kind of stuff when I first became a fan. I tend to think it is natural curiosity that leads us to look for such information. No, it has been on my mind lately because I’m finding myself even more appreciative those details just aren’t available to us.

In the past there have been actors whose work I really enjoyed, but when I was constantly seeing their faces on magazines at the grocery store checkout or seeing some segment about them while flipping through channels, I stopped being able to distinguish between the actor and the character. I still watch shows and movies with such actors in them, but I’m never able to fully forget that it’s so-and-so. In fact, more often than not, I can’t remember the character’s name. Instead, if I’m telling someone about the movie it will be something more like, “Oh, you know the movie where so-and-so plays that character who is…”.

I honestly think the lack of information is part of what has kept me so enthralled these last few years. What fun would watching Mr. A’s roles be if I couldn’t see past him to really enjoy Mr. Thornton, Lucas, JP, Guy or Thorin?

As I see more and more searches, I find my curiosity rising too. But at the same time I know that learning such details could ruin something that brings me a lot of joy. So while I wish for him to be able to maintain as private a life as he chooses, I’m also selfish. I want the mystery to remain in tact so that I can continue to see the characters and not the man who brings them to life.

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