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I need a double chocolate cappuccino!

Without Tumblr and Twitter I think I would be completely in the dark. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but not much of one. Today, it was Tumblr that caught me up on some awesome info. Krüger Coffee Products has Hobbit inspired packaging for their coffee, chai and chocolate drinks!

Some of the images I’ve seen:

Display Box for Krüger /Hobbit Products courtesy of @doyleheima

Fili on the hot chocolate package, also courtesy of @doyleheima.

Bilbo on the chocolate cappuccino packaging, courtesy of Vablastsky’s Cupboard.

Okay German fans of The Hobbit and Richard Armitage–mission time! We need some double chocolate cappuccino or more accurately, we need a picture of the double chocolate cappuccino packaging, since that is the product with Thorin’s image. 😉

Update: Thanks to Lisa, I was able to see the Thorin packaging. You can see all the packages at this website:

I went ahead and did a print screen for Thorin. Turns out he’s not on the double chocolate cappuccino, but the classic capuccino.

From the Kruger website.

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