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Big Oops + Mr. Thornton Deserves to be Happy

Has anyone ever forgotten to tell you something pretty important? For instance…they need their children to come over to your house after school. Imagine my surprise today, when my neighbor’s little girl knocked on the door and said she was supposed to come over until her older sister’s bus arrived (which takes about an hour). I know her mom was just really busy and forgot to tell me. In fact, I couldn’t ask for a better neighbor. The problem was that I was about to go grocery shopping. It isn’t a big deal that I had to put it off, but I’m just imagining the scenario had gotten out the door a few minutes earlier. That poor little girl would have been sitting outside, in the rain, waiting for her big sister to get home.  Oh, well…all’s well that ends well.

On a different note. I got to thinking: since devastated Mr. Thornton is now the banner on my blog, I thought I should at least make him a happy gif. Before you start questioning my sanity…I do in fact know that Mr. Thornton is just a fictional character. But isn’t that the magic of Mr. Armitage’s acting? He makes his characters real to us. Anyway, I’m sure that I am not alone in loving this particular scene! Oh, and I took the liberty of cutting Henry out of the middle. 😉

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