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RA should have kids. The question is: with who?

Its day four of FanstRAvaganza!

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Richard Armitage is one incredibly handsome man. Let’s have a look at the evidence:

Now if that isn’t enough proof, just watch out for the scores of women who swoon, drool, grin uncontrollably, are rendered speechless, experience EOS (exploding ovary syndrome), or any combination of these, each and every time a new photo of him is released. With genetics like his, it would truly be a shame for him not to pass them along. After chatting with some friends I came to the conclusion that RA shouldn’t go the obvious route of having kids with someone who is a knockout like himself. Have you seen some of the poor children who didn’t get mommy and daddy’s good looks (life can be so unfair)? Evidence seems to suggest that often times, when two very attractive people procreate, their good looks cancel each other out. The result is offspring who are significantly less attractive than their parents.  Taking this into consideration, I theorized that RA should find a nice normal woman whose genes will take a back seat to his–it is after all his looks we want to carry on! (And of course, it is for the good of humanity.)

With this theory in hand, I set out on a highly scientific study to validate my supposition.*

First we shall have a look at what Richard Armitage’s children would look like if he procreated with various celebrities. The gender of each child was randomly selected.

 Next, we look at what Richard Armitage’s offspring would look like if he procreate with a nice normal woman.** Again, the gender of each child was randomly determined.

My original intent was to give a decided opinion based on the findings. However, given the results and taking into consideration that old saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” polling seems the appropriate next step in this study. Therefore dear reader, it is in your hands to decide. (Besides, the poll results should be fun.)

*In this case, “highly scientific” means that I went to Morph Thing and put in RA’s picture. 😉 All celebrity female images and morphed baby images are courtesy of

** It should be noted that all of the women–with the exception of one–whose images were used in this “study” were acquired from Google Images. (That one is a fan who graciously volunteered to be part of the study!) The search terms used include: average women, normal women and every day women. The use of these images in no way reflects this author’s opinion on the physical appearance of said women. (Also, the Morph Thing image requirements greatly reduced the number of photos that were viable options for this “study”.)

***Just in case there was any question: I believe in Mr. Armitage’s right to procreate (or not) with whomever he chooses. This is purely for fun.


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