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Milestone Moment…Post 201!

I was trying to think of something fun to do for my 201st post and opted for a new wallpaper. Have I mentioned that I’m a tutorial junkie when it comes to Photoshop? Thank goodness for tutorials, because I wouldn’t know how to do anything with the program otherwise. 🙂

This wallpaper includes several of the images of Richard Armitage from Comic Con, which seemed like a good idea. After all, now I don’t have to flip through the images, I can just look at my laptop screen! 😉



This project also helped me stay busy while I wait for news. My brother called this morning and my SIL is in labor! Can’t wait to hear that my new nephew has made his grand entrance!!!

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Big Milestone

When I started this blog, it was more about me and the need for some kind of outlet than any desire to have readers. That said, I do get a tremendous kick out of the comments, seeing which posts are most popular, reading the often times inappropriate search terms, and most recently the map of where readers are located. Because of this blog, I’ve met some talented, funny, kind and frequently naughty ladies whom I love chatting with. The blog is still mainly a place for me to share my thoughts, predominately about Richard Armitage. But today I noticed my stats had hit a big milestone, at least for this humble little blog. After roughly 5 months of blogging I hit 10,000 visits. In honor or this, I thought we should celebrate with some of my favorite smiles.

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FanstRAvaganza is still going strong. Find links to all of the posts so far here.

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