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RA Interviewed by TORn

Okay, I’m sure everyone got the link to this in their email, but if not, you can read it here.

Lucky Greendragon!

There are some great new tidbits we haven’t really heard him speak about yet, Richard talking about the emotion of the shoot and his excitement over what happens in the end. It is one of my favorite interviews in the last couple of days. Maybe because there wasn’t just more of the same. Plus, Greendragon understands what we want to know besides the movie tidbits:

Let me start by answering the question which I know will be on the minds of many readers…  Yes, he really is that handsome.  Yes, he really is that charming; he has the ability to make you feel, as he talks to you, that you are the only person who matters.  This skill in focusing and being ‘in the moment’ is an important part of the intensity he brings to his acting; and it gives him that reputation for making interviewers go weak at the knees.  (I’m pleased to report that my knees were reliable throughout the interview!)  And yes, he really was wearing black, leather trousers – Guy of Gisborne lives on!

Oh, and for the beard lovers like myself, it was great to hear him talk about regrowing the beard:

God I can’t wait!  I miss that beard!

Viva la beard! 😉

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