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What Larry Curtis had to say about Richard Armitage

Normally I just skip over podcasts and stuff like that because they just take more time than I want to give. But one popped up in my email that has Larry Curtis from TORn discussing The Hobbit and the criticism of the film. You can find the podcast here. Granted I haven’t seen much of the film, but the critics seem to have been quite harsh in ways that are not warranted. That being my perception I was interested to hear the view of someone who loves Tolkien’s work and had seen the film.

There were a lot of great things covered in this podcast, but there was a moment that stood out for a Richard Armitage fan. This is what Larry Curtis had to say about Richard’s acting:

Richard Armitage, starting in January is going to be on magazine covers everywhere. The guy is going to be a superstar. He already has a following, but this will dynamically change the trajectory of his career and everything. He will be a household name, at least by the end of the trilogy, if not by the end of this year. He is super good.

I feel silly when I hear this kind of thing, because I feel proud–proud that all of his talent and hard work over the years is being recognized and now the world is about to see what we’ve known for years.

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