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30 Days of Richard Armitage-Day 19

Your favorite bromance:

John Porter and Gerald Baxter are the clear winners of the best bromance! Gerry drove Porter crazy most of the time, but they had some good times too. Spoiler if you haven’t seen Strike Back: I cried when Gerry was killed immediately following their heart-to-heart conversation. 😦

Thanks to for the screencap.

Bonus: I had to look Gerry up because he also drove Ros crazy in episode 8.6 of Spooks: His name is Ewen Bremner and he played Ryan Baisley.

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30 Days of Richard Armitage Challenge-Day 3

Your favorite character:

Umm seriously, this is a trick question right? Am I really supposed to pick just one? If I try really hard I could probably narrow it down to three, maybe… So I’m going to cheat (one of the perks of having your own blog)!

John Thornton: He was my first RA love! I could go on and on about this character. But given that JT is the reason so many of us became fans in the first place, I don’t really think it’s necessary!

All that lovely leather!

Guy of Gisborne: Black leather anyone? No, seriously while the black leather is appealing, I loved this character. So many actors would have just played Gisborne as a cardboard cutout bad guy. Not Richard Armitage. I think (and this may be giving myself too much credit) that had Gisborne not been a character with some good qualities (and no, I’m not talking about his bum in leather), I wouldn’t have liked him. But just like Marian, I could see that there was goodness in him. Or maybe I’m fooling myself and I’m just a sucker with a thing for bad boys (I wouldn’t be the first). 😉

I'm an absolute sucker for that scarf as well...forget those hipster boys, give me JP!



I said I would try and narrow it down to three, so I’ll forgo my beloved Lucas and go with John Porter. I mentioned this in a post just a couple of days ago, but I LOVE the contrast between the soldier and the father. That facet of the story gave RA so much to work with, and he gave an excellent performance.


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It’s Still Saturday…So

I just learned that Saturdays are for Strike Back. I don’t really know anything about the second series accept (Spoiler, just in case.) they killed John Porter off in the first episode and Cinemax fare isn’t really my thing anyway.

The first series was wonderful as far as these military shows go. Many of the actors turned in wonderfully layered performances, including Andrew Lincoln, who made it so I couldn’t quite despise Hugh Collinson. One of the aspects I most enjoyed was seeing Richard Armitage play opposite the girls playing his daughter. There was something very touching about the contrast between the strong military man–who doesn’t bat an eyelash at having to kill someone– and the tenderness the same man exhibits when interacting with his kid (for the most part anyway). That being said, I made some John Porter gifs…

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New Headers

Well, we’ve had a blast! We’ve played in the waterpark to our heart’s content (although we will be making one final trip tonight) and done some geocaching. But, all good things must come to an end and we’ll be heading home tomorrow.

I had some down time today and decided to make a banner just for New Year’s. In case you can’t tell, I was trying to make fireworks (I used GIMP). 😉 I’m thinking about playing with Photoshop and making a new banner to put up after the first. Not sure exactly what it will look like, but I’m pretty sure it will feature John Thornton:

and certainly a little John Porter:

and of course a there has to be some Sir Guy:

and the lovely Lucas North (John Bateman who?) must make an appearance:

and I think Thorin may have to have a place as well:

There may be some additional chaRActers as well. If you happen by here in the next day or two and have any suggestions for pictures to use, feel free to voice your opinion. You will just have to check back after the New Year and see how the header turns out. 🙂

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