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Such a class act: new message from RA

As soon as the live stream of the red carpet ended last night, I headed off for bed. Then upon waking I found out that Richard had sent a new message to fans via Richard Armitage Online.


The man is genuinely a class act. My heart is so full right now. It doesn’t even really matter what the contents of the message are, just the fact that he took the time to thank his fans on such a momentous day speaks so highly of the kind of man Richard Armitage is. The cast, Peter and Philippa have all been so busy with interviews, publicity, press conferences, photocalls and who knows what else. It would have been easy and totally understandable for him to not have done this–yet he still took the time.

Thank you Richard Armitage. You’re a talented and attractive man. Those are the first things that draw us in. But it is your kindness and generosity that really seal the deal, at least for me.


If you would like to congratulate Mr. Armitage or say thank you for all of this excitement and joy, consider gift bombing him!

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So Much to Squee Over

I had fun this past week trying to keep up with news while away for Thanksgiving (I haven’t forgotten you my lovelies who leave comments, I’ve just been enjoying some time at the beach). There was just so much amazing Hobbit and Richard Armitage related stuff. The interviews and the new photo. The fan encounter at the airport (thank you @KellyDuck for telling us your story on Twitter)!!!!! Then the photos of some of the cast arriving in New Zealand, our boy present and accounted for!

Every day seems to bring something  new and today has been no exception.

I love this article from The New Zealand Herald, where you can slide the images one way or the other to see the transformation that Bilbo and each of the dwarves went through to become the characters.

Then there was this image from Zealandia (such a lovely thing to wake up to)!!!


Bless his heart. Richard still appears to be trying to shrink down to the height of others…the wide stance, the slightly hunched shoulders. I can totally relate as I frequently find myself crouching from the knees trying to not tower over others in a photo. It endears me to him all the more.

Hopefully we’ll get some more news today! No, I’m not greedy, but while the irons hot…


If all of this Richard Armitage news is bringing you even the slightest bit of joy, why not think about giving something back? Join the Richard Armitage Gift Bombing. To learn more check out these posts from Jazzbaby1, Servetus and Judiang.

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