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…makes my inner fangirls clash with one another.

I woke up this morning, checked my email and saw this:

And all is right with the world!

I’m kidding of course, but I found myself a bit annoyed that I let my RA fangirl win out over my Tolkien fangirl when it came to the voting. The thing is, Gandalf has always been one of my absolute favorite Tolkien characters–right up there with Faramir, Aragorn, Sam (the true hero of LOTRs in my humble opinion), and Treebeard.

Thorin, while I love Richard Armitage’s portrayal of him so far, has always struck me as something of a pompous ass. I appreciate that between the screenwriting, directing, and RA’s performance they seem to have rounded the character out a bit more. But if I put the movie aside and look at where Thorin is headed compared to everything Gandalf accomplishes in Middle Earth, the dwarf just pales in comparison the Mithrandir.

So, congratulations Gandalf! You totally deserve it.

And now I’m off to hide my RA fangirl card from those who might try and take it away. ūüėČ

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The Hobbit: Some Unexpected Reactions

After a decade of waiting…yes, I’m one of those…I got to see The¬†Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey¬†last night. I’ll try and refrain from spoilers, (and I think I succeeded) but I do want to record some of my impressions while they are fresh.


Let’s start with the controversial bit. I went into the theater so excited to experience the HFR 3D. From the reviews I’ve read the prevalent attitude is that you either love or hate the format. That wasn’t the case for me. There were moments, when I truly believed the hype that this will be the future of cinema. The sweeping panoramic shots were magnificent. Small details were so very clear. And my biggest issue with 3D was eliminated completely. At no point during the nearly three hour film did I have to rest my eyes because of eye strain.

However, I can now relate to the critics who said they never adjusted to the new format. The immersive experience that I so enjoy when going to the movie theater was missing because I was fully aware through the entire film that I was watching a film. This was especially apparent to me after having watched the LOTRs trilogy last weekend at the same theater. There were moments that the screen was too bright–which if I understand correctly is a¬†byproduct¬†of filming in 3D. And movements on screen, that would normally be tempered by the slower frame rate, were extra clear and in your face, which distracted me, keeping me firmly in the real world. This seemed to be particularly¬†noticeable¬†with Bilbo.

Even with my reservations, I’m not ready to write HFR 3D off. This being the first feature film ever made with the new format, it would be crazy to expect perfection. So, this time it didn’t quite do it for me, but I could see¬†glimmers¬†of how spectacular the experience can be. There are more details that need to be taken into consideration with the added frames and I feel certain that film makers who use the format will continue to work out the kinks.


When I read the criticism about pacing, I wanted to reserve judgement until I had seen the film for myself. Now, I can agree with some of the complaints. The inclusion of Frodo, while understandable just dragged on for me. I think it was only a few minutes, but all I could think was, “Come on, let’s get to the story!” Likewise, the introduction of the various dwarves could have been more condensed than it was. I suspect that the dwarf arrivals were drawn out to give us time to get to know each of the dwarves, however, it felt like an excuse to fill time. (Yeah, harsh I know.)

Once the company hit the road, the pacing issues disappeared. In fact, the film was so jam packed–Trolls, Elves, Goblins, Riddles in the Dark, Orcs and Eagles–I would have felt cheated if anything passed the Bag End scenes had been shortened.

I loved seeing Sir Ian McKellan back as Gandalf. It really would have been a travesty for anyone else to play the role. Martin Freeman was a perfect Bilbo. He manages to balance the dramatic and comedic to perfection, as well as the inner conflict between the comfort loving Baggins and the¬†adventure¬†seeking Took. Richard Armitage truly was magificent as Thorin, his ablility to convey anger, vengance, fear, pride, and even gratitude were unhampered by the¬†prosthetics. Plus, it was nice to see him wielding a sword again…this time with the adept skill of a hardened warrior!

I had intentionally avoided spoilers that gave away the ending to the film, as I wanted to be surprised by where Peter Jackson and company chose to split the story. So I won’t spoil that for any of you who haven’t seen the film yet, But I have to say, it felt like an appropriate ending, and left me with a great sense of anticipation for the next film. Do we really have to wait another year?


On a side note for those who haven’t seen the film–if you are ever even slightly¬†inclined¬†to squee in public you must prepare yourselves. The below image is just a blip of a totally engrossing scene.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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Have Your Picture Taken with Gandalf

I know this is totally dorky, but I love the cardboard displays at movie theaters–or on occasion the plastic displays. When they are really cool, I’ve even been known to have my picture taken next to them. Yeah, did I mention I’m dorky? ūüėČ The ones I tend to like the most are the 3D displays.

Somewhere around here I have a picture of me sitting in that empty seat.

This is one of my favorite displays and it doesn’t hurt that the Silver Surfer is a great character.

And now I can look forward to standing in the doorway of a hobbit hole, next to Gandalf.


If only this life size cutout could be part of the display:

So honestly–how many of you are going to have your picture taken with the display when you go see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey¬†in theaters? I can’t be the only one. ūüôā

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Four More Hobbit Banners

MGM and New Line Cinemas have released four more banners for¬†The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.¬†I’ll give you one guess as to which is my favorite. ūüėČ

All the banners are great. I love seeing the dwarves in Bilbo’s Hobbit hole, Gollum and Bilbo, and even Gandalf at Bilbo’s door. But, I love seeing how fierce Thorin looks. Richard Armitage really seems to be bringing the intensity to the role of Thorin if the images we’ve seen so far are any indication. Is it December yet?

I’m headed out for my niece’s second birthday this weekend. Hope everyone has a great Columbus Day.

*Thanks to for the images.
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The Hobbit Trailer 2: Comic Book Style

I couldn’t stay away from Photoshop. What can I say? This is the result…

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Hobbit Trailer #2!!!! And Gifs, ’cause that’s how I roll.

Unless you live under a rock, or live somewhere where the new trailer came out while you were sleeping, you’ve seen this by now.

I really am a squeeing fool today! The trailer was awesome. We got to see a lot of new things AND the voice!!! Love the voice, I could listen to it all day long!

Okay, onto the gifs. I made a lot, because well, the trailer was awesome.

The Map

Gotta love some running dwarves…Thorin in particular!

And the dwarves begin to arrive.

These look like a fun lot to hang around!

Yeah, this one’s here just because Thorin is so pretty.

So kingly!

The Shire is so beautiful…and Bilbo’s off on an adventure.

I’m still curious to see how Galadriel fits in, but she looks stunning as does Rivendell.

The trolls have always been one of my favorite parts of the book!

Thorin being his haughty self.

Radagast and his bunny sled…lol!

Riddles in the dark!!!

Don’t think I’d want to encounter these wolves.

Bilbo stew anyone?

Yeah, Thorin just looks like a badass here!

Even more of a badass!

I love the humor and can I just say…ouch!

If you haven’t been here yet, there are extra snippets in each trailer.

Bilbo receives the contract.

I’d probably faint if I was contemplating being burned to ashes by Smaug too.

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The Magic of Books: Hobbit Wallpaper

I’ve been occupied for several days working on my special project for the big birthday coming up this week. Now that I’ve finished I’m back to having fun with Photoshop.

I came across this tutorial last week for Photoshop that I thought perfectly illustrated the magic of books. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I read a book my mind conjures up images of the characters and locations. Everything comes to life in vivid detail, if only in my mind. As much as I liked the tutorial and end product I decided to apply what I could to making a Hobbit wallpaper. If I were a little boy, this is how the world would look to me while reading the book. ūüôā

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EW Hobbit Article Scans

I should be packing, but I’ve taken a break because my Entertainment Weekly came in the mail!!!! I know a lot of you don’t have access to a printed magazine, so I scanned the pages. Enjoy!

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Thorin Oakenshield: Badass

I’m sure everyone is squeeing over the new EW photos! The Hobbit is the only reason I’ve kept my subscription and I can’t wait until I get my hard copy in the mail. ūüôā There are some great pictures available on the website.

These are my favorites:

Gotta love it, even if RA is a bit blurry!

Sir Ian still has it!

This is so fun. I suspect the barrel scenes may end up being highlights of the films.

But the best image has got to be the Thorin one. He looks so kingly and yes, badass!

Major squeeing going on here!

Thank you EW Magazine! You’ve made this Richard Armitage and Tolkien fan very happy!

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Finally…Vlog 7!

It isn’t very often that I don’t even touch my computer until late in the afternoon. Of course it would be on one of those rare days that there would be something of interest to an Armitage fangirl! I’m a little behind, but the wait was worth it. That being said, I still feel the need to ask: Mr. Armitage, why did we get to see so many of your castmates in plain clothes and talking and not you? Can’t you throw us a bone?

Anyway, I went through and made my own screencaps and a few of gifs.

Run Thorin, Run!


Anyone else enjoy the all to brief clip with Thorin and Galdalf chatting?

While I enjoyed those brief RA moments, I thought the vlog as a whole was pretty great. Some of my favorite moments included:

Seeing Bilbo spinning round in a barrel.

It was also fun to see Orlando Bloom back in his Legolas hair!

But my favorite part of the whole vlog? This:

Kiran Shah kicking ass as Legolas!

I don’t know about you all, but I’m so looking forward to the vlog PJ mentioned for the wrap of filming!


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