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Bagginshield Fic Recommendations: Installment 2

I know that there are people in our fandom who dislike the erotic fics. There are also people who despise real people fics. Then there is the issue of slash fics. This post is NOT for you if you fall into any of those categories. If you don’t like the stuff, this is the time to stop reading this post.


Since the last time I posted fic recommendations, my little addiction to Bagginshield fic hasn’t subsided in the least. Thankfully, all of those amazing fic authors out there in cyberland are showing no signs of stopping anytime soon!!!

So here are some additional recommendations for you. Unlike last time some of these are multi-chapter, works in progress. Oh and rather than label each fic with NSFW and Slash, just assume they are unless otherwise noted.


  1. Baggins and the Smith by elluvias–Thorin and Bilbo met long before the quest, but circumstances and misunderstanding pulled them apart.
  2. Of Braids & Belt Buckles by inkstainedhands–In which Thorin Oakenshield wishes to court the company burglar, so naturally he gets drunk, performs some dwarven marriage rites, and screws things up royally.
  3. Terms and Conditions by WhatIMustWrite–In which, Bilbo is expected to please Thorin and, although unexpected, he can’t say he’s completely unaffected by the turn of events. Bagginsheild smut. AU.
  4. An Unexpected Addition by karategal–All of the dwarves survive the Battle of the Five Armies, but Bilbo must return to the Shire to sort out his old life and make way for a new one in Erebor. Over one year later, Bilbo comes back to the Lonely Mountain with a recently orphaned Frodo. King Thorin isn’t quite sure what to make of this new, tiny addition to his Company. *This story to date has no erotic scenes.
  5. Madness by mercuriosity–The one where Thorin has a nipple ring and Bilbo is fascinated by it.
  6. Made and Remade the Necklace of Songs by littleblackdog–In a Middle Earth where dwarves dream of Heartsongs and hobbits carry the name of their fated partner as private Mark, Bilbo Baggins had never been able to properly translate the strange rows of runes inscribed on his wrist. And likewise, Thorin Oakenshield had never imagined he would hear the voice of his Heartsong from a fussy little gentlehobbit.
  7. In which Bilbo is a bit more experienced than Thorin bargained for… by thorinsexenshield–Dwarfs don’t use their mouths much in their bed-sport and so Thorin is more than taken aback when Bilbo takes his lower and lower…
  8. Thorin Oakenshield’s Majestic Diary by Fruitsie–Thorin Oakenshield, King Under the Mountain and Totally Majestic Badass of Middle Earth, does not have a raging hard-on for Bilbo Baggins. No, seriously. Just read his diary.

Hobbit Cast RPFs:

  1. Restraint by St_Germaine–In which Dean introduces Richard to the joys of non-vanilla.
  2. Training Session by St_Germaine–Richard watches. It’s only a matter of time before he’s caught.
  3. Tonight by St_Germaine–Richard finds the note in his trailer at the end of the day’s shoot. It’s on the bed, an innocent piece of white paper, the message a single typed word: Tonight. Beside it is a blindfold.
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Add another addiction to the list…

…because I love me some Hobbit, Bagginshield and Durincest fanfic of the hot and NSFW variety. I was chatting with some friends about the possibility of posting links to some of my favorite fics and then today Agzy said she had thought about doing the same. That gave me the push I needed to go ahead and do this post.

Here is the deal, I know that there are people in our fandom who dislike the erotic fics. There are also people who despise real people fics. Then there is the issue of slash fics. I’ll tell you right now that this post is NOT for you if you fall into any of those categories. If you don’t like the stuff, just move along.

So with that warning in place, here are some of the fics that I’ve enjoyed recently (by no means a comprehensive list):


  1. Leather and Rope by SplashTheWine–Bilbo wasn’t sure when things had changed, when things had shifted from flirting to where he was now… Bound and terrified. #NSFW #Slash #Non-Con at first
  2. The Heart of a King by shinigami714–After leaving the goblin cave, Bilbo doesn’t remove the ring from his finger, unaware of its powers. Thorin’s company doesn’t see his return, and Bilbo watches as they discuss his abandonment of them. #NSFW #Slash
  3. The Tenderness of a King by shinigami714–Fili and Kili out Bilbo as a virgin embarrassing him in front of the other dwarves. One dwarf intends to rectify the situation. #NSFW #Slash
  4. The Voice of a King by shinigami714–Thorin can’t seem to hold himself back after Bilbo has a near death experience. Bilbo doesn’t seem to mind. #NSFW Slash
  5. We’ll Have to be Gentle by ThorinOakenshield (Jensensational)–In which Bilbo is ready for another bout, but is sore from the previous round. So Thorin decides to be as gentle as possible. #NSFW #Slash
  6. My Treasure by Stravaganza–After the defeat of Smaug, possessive! Thorin has his way with Bilbo… on top of all of that gold. #NSFW #Slash
  7. The Curious Nature of Hobbits by Eshli–Bilbo has made the strangest thing that any of the dwarves have ever seen. None of them understand what it is. Thorin in particular is curious as to what a hobbit would possibly use an eight-inch cylindrical piece of polished wood for. #NSFW


  1. Dirty Talk by ferowyn–Bilbo walks in on Fili and Kili who are having a very informative conversation. #NSFW #Slash
  2. Silver Tongue by twodwarves_oneeagle–After Thorin accidentally walks in on Fili and Kili together, it leaves some interesting prospectives in its wake. #NSFW #Slash

Hobbit Cast RPF:

  1. Post-Premiere Relaxation Manual by waves-of-sorrow–In which Richard is tense and Cate helps him relax. #NSFW
  2. Methods of Persuasion by waves-of-sorrow–In which Martin is grumpy and anti-social and Richard attempts (and fails) to make him go out with the rest of the cast. #NSFW #Slash
  3. Don’t Care Who’s Watching by brodinsons (aeon_entwined)–Aidan and Dean don’t care who’s watching, which gets them into an interesting situation with Richard. #NSFW #Slash
  4. Untitled by Traveller–“Just get rid of this fucking thing,” Richard says, scratching at the beard.”
  5. The Barber by FoxRafer–Aidan Turner cleans up Richard’s shaggy hair. #Slash
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This reminds me of something…

I’m looking at this picture and have flashbacks to Comic Con…lucky water bottle. 😉

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If Only For a Moment: A Brief Fic

Last night I was in Armitage World Chat and a picture  was brought up that had me making a confession. I’d briefly thought about writing a small fic inspired by that very pic. The girls encouraged me to go for it and this morning I decided to type it up. Before proceeding further. Be forwarded: this story might not be your cup of tea. It has leanings of a sexual nature–although it might not be what you think.  If you don’t like such things, pass on by.

If Only For A Moment

I sat there waiting. Would it hurt? Would I enjoy it? Would it be worth it? Finally I heard the introductions and moments later my new owner was sitting right in front of me. Luck was with me,  I had been given to the most handsome man at the table. The stage was so hot. All of those lights beating down to illuminate the panel. I knew he’d need me soon, it was inevitable. From my vantage I could even make out the slightest sheen of sweat on his brow.

The director was talking and my owner was looking at him with rapt attention. Oh how I wanted him to look at me that way, if just for a moment. I wasn’t paying attention to what the director said or anyone else for that matter. My thoughts were firmly planted on the lips of my master. That cupid’s bow of his upper lip, enticed me. And the beard, I couldn’t wait to find out how it would feel against me. Would it scratch and scuff me? Would its abrasiveness tickle? I just wanted him to need me!

Finally it happened. I saw his Adam’s apple bob. Mere moments later, his hands were coming towards me. Ah, the feelings evoked by having those long fingers encompass me.

Swiftly he removed my top and lifted me. It seemed like an eternity, that oh so quick trip, as I drew ever nearer to his parted lips. The wait had been worth it.

His lips gently brushed my opening and I felt my fluids spill from me. Those lips, they were everything I’d hoped they would be from the moment he sat before me—soft, yet somehow firm at the same time, with just the right amount of pressure. The course hairs of his beard only served to heighten the pleasure of the moment. And then, something soft brushed my rim. Was that his tongue? I suppose he needed to capture even the slightest drop of escaping moisture. This was heaven.

Sated, he returned me to my place on the table. Just as quickly as it had started, the moment was over. Filled with a sense of clarity, I now fully understood the purpose for which I had been made.

The life of a water bottle may not be long, but I lived mine to the fullest.


Because I can’t resist visual aids:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to Warner Bros, RANet, and HeathRA for the images.


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What’s a sick girl to do?

I’m still suffering from a cold…at least I think it is a cold. I can’t breathe through my nose and my body aches all over. What’s a girl to do when she’s feeling so bad? Why, curl up on the sofa with a mug of peppermint tea (to try and help the poor, stuffy nose) and some Guy of Gisborne fanfic, of course. 😉 Reading is high on my list of hobbies. It isn’t uncommon for me to read two or three books a week. But when not feeling well there’s just something about immersing yourself in a world of fantasy-focusing on your favorite characters-that helps you forget that you’re feeling under the weather. Today I’ve been reading stories by an author who goes by the name Hosmond and have been utterly and completely engaged. Seriously, who wouldn’t feel better reading stories that allow your mind to conjure up images like this:

or this: (Yes, I know this is a gratuitous shot, but you know you love it too!)

From a sicky seeking some refuge: I would like to say thank you.

Thank you Richard Armitage, for making a character that could have been incredibly one-dimensional and boring in the hands of a lesser actor, the best thing about Robin Hood. While your definitely nice to look at, the depth you gave the character was what kept me watching.

Thank you fanfic writers. I am immensely grateful for the time you dedicate to writing your stories and the tales that you weave. The bravery you exhibit it putting your stories out into the world for people to not only read, but also critique fills me with admiration.

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