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Busy Day

Today was an incredibly busy day. There was absolutely no time to squeeze in a traditional workout. But all that house cleaning I did has to count for something, right? With mom’s surgery scheduled for tomorrow there was a lot that had to be done. We went ahead and had Thanksgiving dinner tonight, because she won’t be released from the hospital until mid-day on Thursday (at the earliest). I’m sure at this time of year many of you can relate to having too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Since I post a lot of recipes I thought I would post another one.

So here it is…my recipe for a day that you don’t have to feel bad you didn’t workout.

  1. Do laundry (I’m thankful I don’t have to go to the laundromat)
  2. Make coffee cake.
  3. Clean the bathrooms.
  4. Do some more laundry.
  5. Clean bedrooms.
  6. Make cornbread muffins.
  7. Is that the laundry calling my name?
  8. Clean kitchen.
  9. Don’t forget to vacuum.
  10. Help the neighbor make cheesecake.
  11. Oh yeah…don’t forget the laundry.
  12. Get turkey breast into the oven.
  13. Make stuffing to go along with turkey.
  14. Wonder why you cleaned the kitchen already.
  15. Serve Thanksgiving dinner (yes, I know it is Tuesday).
  16. Help pack for hospital stay.
  17. Lounge on sofa, while final load of laundry dries.
  18. Ahh…time for bed.

While I’ve been waiting for the laundry to dry I made a little something for my fellow RA fans.

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That Stinkin’ Leftover Candy

Cucumber slices, celery, carrot sticks: these are the healthy things we should want to eat. But no. On a day like today-November 1st, what is it that we want to eat? The candy that’s sitting in a bowl, somewhere in the house. You know what I’m talking about, that stinkin’ leftover candy from Halloween. Sometimes I wonder what exactly it is about us that makes us crave the very things we should avoid. I know that candy is in no conceivable way good for me. I know that it is empty calories. But none of that stops my body from craving just one more little piece. I can’t be alone, right?

So I have a two part solution. First, I’m going to lengthen my walk today. I may not be able to completely say no to the candy, but I can walk some of the calories off. Second, I’ll indulge in some eye candy instead of the sugary kind!

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