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The Hobbit Trailer 2: Comic Book Style

I couldn’t stay away from Photoshop. What can I say? This is the result…

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Thorin Oakenshield: Badass

I’m sure everyone is squeeing over the new EW photos! The Hobbit is the only reason I’ve kept my subscription and I can’t wait until I get my hard copy in the mail. 🙂 There are some great pictures available on the website.

These are my favorites:

Gotta love it, even if RA is a bit blurry!

Sir Ian still has it!

This is so fun. I suspect the barrel scenes may end up being highlights of the films.

But the best image has got to be the Thorin one. He looks so kingly and yes, badass!

Major squeeing going on here!

Thank you EW Magazine! You’ve made this Richard Armitage and Tolkien fan very happy!

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