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Are you kidding me with this?!!!

I was on Facebook a little while ago and saw where a link had been posted to vote in BBC America’s Anglo Fan Favorites: Men of 2012, Round 2. Well, naturally being the Richard Armitage fan I am, I decided I should vote. But then I clicked the link and found this image:

What are they thinking?!?! That is really the pertinent question here. Round 2 and they are pitting Richard Armitage against Tom Hiddleston! They should be in the final round against each other (or at least several rounds closer to the final one).

Okay, I’ve finished ranting now, and of course I had to vote for Richard. Hiddleston is after all just my bit on the side.

If you are interested in voting and haven’t yet done so, here is the link:

FYI:  Hiddles is currently kicking some Armitage ass.

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Polyamorous Fangirling

Main Entry:   polyamorous

Part of Speech:   adj

Definition:   pertaining to participation in multiple and simultaneous loving relationships

Polyamorous may not be the quite the word I’m looking for, but its close. There is a certain kind of love or maybe a better word is adoration on the part of fans to the object of their fan tendencies. At the least, we admire the person whose career we follow enough to spend time watching their work, reading or watching their interviews, looking at pictures and so on. I’ve mildly followed the careers of actors in the past, but didn’t really become a fangirl until I discovered Richard Armitage.

So why am I talking about being a polyamorous fan? Recently one of our fellow RA fans started following the career of another actor. Now, this may not effect many people, but she’s someone I’m close enough to in cyberland that I’ve been shown videos, pictures and audio clips. And now, thanks to Snicker’s mom, I’m absolutely hooked! You know you are in trouble when you are watching YouTube video after YouTube video because they make you laugh and smile. This is one is my favorites by the way! And really, how can you not like the guy when he Tweets pictures like this?

Don’t worry, Richard Armitage is still my main fangirl squeeze–but that Tom Hiddleston–he’s quickly becoming my bit on the side. I’m finding that my fangirling tendencies towards RA are now applying to TH–like watching the YouTube vids and the desire to find and watch all of his works to date. All I can say is: with a smile like this is it any wonder?

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