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Another Costume: Great Sperm Race Style

I had a request for a specific costume. And since Face-in-Hole actually had something that fit, I was able to do it quickly. Here is RA’s The Great Sperm RaceĀ disguise:

Nothing says, “I narrated The Great Sperm Race” like a super sperm costume.

Just for you bccmee! šŸ˜‰ Oh, and here is a bonus although not a disguise (also courtesy of Face-in-Hole):

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More Disguises

After the last post about possible disguises Richard Armitage might be wearing, it occurred to me that he hasĀ narrated quite a few nature documentaries. This made me think of a few more disguises for him. So without further ado:

Forest Elephants: Rumble in the Jungle was the first of the nature documentaries he narrated. So maybe he should walk around with this mask.

Next was Lost Land of the Tiger. The feline look works for him!

Elsa: The Lioness Who Changed the World wouldn’t mind RA to be her lion. After all, he does a mighty fine RAWR!

Doesn’t he make a cute Lemur? Just like in Trouble in Lemur Land: Phantoms of the Forest, Eden.

Then there was the last nature documentary, Leopards of Dead Tree Island. If I do say so myself, he makes quite the fetching leopard.

Looking back at this I guess I didn’t realize he’d narrated so much stuff with wild cats. Makes you wonder if he’s a cat person. Anyway, what do you think? Plausible disguises? Which one is your favorite?

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Is RA hiding out? Here’s my theory.

We’re still in the middle of the RA drought. Yes, we got a couple ofĀ glimpseĀ of the man in the latest video blog by Sir PJ, but he didn’t talk like many of the other actors. In addition, we haven’t seen pictures of him from any of the events that other actors from the production have attended and been photographed at.

This has led me to a new theory. Not only is RA camera shy as himself, but he’s probably working some awesome disguises to stay out of the limelight. Here are a few of the disguises I think he’s probably sporting these days:

He did where that scarf so well in Strike Back, maybe he’s decided to rock a sultan’s headdress.

An oldie but a goody.

He could find a masquerade to attend with this look.

New Zealand is a couple of islands, so a pirate disguise doesn’t seem too far out.

Zorro is a man of mystery…very fitting for RA.

Maybe he’s taken this chance to revisit his CATS days.

Or maybe he’s rocking some Clark Kent style glasses. Wouldn’t that be a picture!?

Let’s just hope he isn’t in disguise for Comic Con. I have heard of celebs dressing up in disguise to wander the floor of the event. Don’t get me wrong, as fun as it would be to see him in something like this:

We want to make sure Angie recognizes him if she gets the chance to see him!

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