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Thinking on Good Things, While My Computer Acts Up

I’m feeling much more my old fangirl self after the holidays, so it seems almost cruel that my laptop has decided to freak the heck out.  Forget about scrolling through Tumblr, there are hardly any images displayed, but little depressing icons where there should be lovely photos, fanart, gifs and so on of my favorite actors. And it’s all of my browsers, not just one, so I know it must be something up with the computer and not one of the programs. 😦

I’m in the process of backing up my files and then I’m going to try and use the reset in Windows 8. Gotta admit to a bit of trepidation on that score, but a girl’s gotta do whatever it takes to get her pretty pictures back! 😉 Fingers crossed this works.

While I’m sans images, I thought I’d share a story of great kindness that really touched my heart this week.

Where I went to grad school, several of my church friends work with an organization that goes out everyday and takes hot food, coffee, blankets and so on to homeless people in the area. That’s been especially important over the last several days with this extreme cold and they’ve been trying to get as many people out of the cold as possible by means of churches opening up their basements and fellowship halls, the single shelter in the area and even by putting people up in motels thanks to generously donated funds.

The shelter got a rather generous donation that they weren’t expecting and when I read about it, it reminded me of the goodness to be found in our fellow human beings. Check out the story here.

And now that I’m back in the land of decent internet connection, this also reminds me to share this along with everyone else who already has:

So here’s to kindness, generosity, good will and everything wonderful in this New Year…and hopefully a fully functioning computer too. 😉

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