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Watching RA with a Teenager: Part 2

The 17 year old neighbor and I finished watching North & South this afternoon. Well, there was no Road to Damascus conversion for her. 😉 Mr. Thornton is still just okay looking, although she thinks the character has a lot of wonderful qualities. I will say this, she was in rare form today with her comments.

North & South from a 17 Year Old’s Perspective: Continued

She comment on how sweet he looked in this scene.

  1. Punch him in the face sir! (This was her response to Higgin’s being ejected from the mill by Williams.)
  2. Ugh, she’s so horrible. (Yes, she still doesn’t think very highly of Margaret.)
  3. She’s so upitty for a servant, she needs to chill! (Don’t we all think this about Dixon?)
  4. Mr. Bell is so cool in his plaid pants, he’s like a hipster.
  5. I took her long enough! (Her response to Margaret acknowledging Mr. Thornton’s good qualities when she urges Higgins to go to him forwork.)
  6. You go Mrs. Thornton, bring her down a peg!
  7. Miss “Hell” is right!
  8. He’s kind of pathetic in a sad, sweet kind of way. (This was her response to the “Look back at me” scene!!!)
  9. Somebody slap her, her brother raised her, such..gah! (I always want to slap Fanny too.)
  10. It just shows how big a heart he has. (After Fanny’s gloating, when Mr. Thorton says, “Thank God Fanny is taken care of.”
  11. He’s so pathetic, like there’s no other girl in the world. (This was her response to, “He was her brother.”)
  12. Margaret and that hat, whew! Can’t she buy a nicer one?
  13. You deserve so much better son! (Her response to railway station scene! What am I going to do with her?)

While the 17 year old doesn’t go for Mr. Thornton, her mom oohed and awed in all the right places. Maybe she’ll be a convert. She did mention something about looking up RA and finding our dear Gisborne attractive. This seems like progress to me! And really, it would take a strong woman to resist the appeal of this:

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Watching RA with a Teenager

My sweet little 17 year old neighbor had surgery to remove her wisdom teeth this week. Between the pain and the pain meds, she hasn’t really been fit for school. So, she called me today and asked if she could come over and watch…wait for it…North & South. This was encouraging, seeing as she had already watched it with me once. I actually had some free time this afternoon, so she came on over. She likes to give a running commentary throughout the movie, and since I’ve seen it numerous times, I enjoy hearing her take on it. So I thought I’d share some of the things she said today (about the first half, she’s coming back tomorrow to watch the rest).

North & South from a 17 Year Old’s Perspective:

  1. That Henry guy is going to propose, isn’t he? At least he’s better than Mr. Collins from Pride and Prejudice.
  2. Mrs. Hale should shut up already, all she ever does is complain.
  3. Gosh, Mr. Hale’s family just don’t understand him.
  4. Oh, I love when Higgin’s rescues her, he’s like a teddy bear.
  5. Fanny is really shallow, she needs to close her mouth!
  6. Ah, Frederick is sooo cute! I really like him.
  7. I hate that Bessie’s sick, it’s not fair!
  8. Mr. Thornton should run the other way, Margaret is a jerk.
  9. They should put their boobs away!
  10. Uh, she is so mean! He deserves way better than her.

Oh, she also informs me that Mr. Thornton is just okay looking. But when she saw the below picture on my laptop she decided that Richard Armitage is actually handsome. Whew, at least I don’t have to worry too much about her taste! 😉

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