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RA as Batman?

My Tweetdeck is full of links to articles which include Richard Armitage in various lists of those best suited to play the next Batman. I’m actually kind of excited about the prospect of a Superman/Batman movie. And the logo that’s been revealed is pretty freaking awesome:

Image Courtesy of Newsarama

That said, I have some serious reservations about Richard Armitage in this role. I saw where someone mentioned that Batman did great things for Christian Bale’s career and I’m in full agreement there. But the Batman franchise had no where to go but up when Christian Bale took on the role. The previous live action incarnation of the character was played by George Clooney in the much maligned Batman and Robin–a film which audiences gave only a 25% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. When fans are that harsh, you know a film is awful.

Richard Armitage or anyone taking on the role now, is stepping into a completely different situation. Now we’ve had three Batman films staring Christian Bale and directed by the amazing Christopher Nolan. Not only did fans love the films, but critics did as well. They’ve set a precedent for what we expect when we go to see a new Batman flick. And to be honest, although I like Zack Snyder’s films (300, Watchmen) I don’t know that I trust him to bring it like Nolan did when it comes to Batman.

So here’s my vote for what it’s worth (which I know isn’t much):

The Dark Knight

I hope Richard Armitage steers clear of this role. There are plenty of interesting characters out there to play and I strongly suspect that his portrayal of the character would always be compared to Bale’s. Of course, if he does end up playing the Caped Crusader I will be in the audience. But here’s hoping he goes another direction.

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I’m a fan of HitFix on Facebook, so when something new goes on the website, it shows up in my ticker. Usually I just pass the articles by, but every so often something catches my eye. One such article came up yesterday.

Thanks to for this image.

Sam Worthington is an actor that I quite like. He isn’t the greatest actor in the world…in fact I laugh whenever his native Australian accent pops up in his movies. There is just something about him though. When I saw Terminator Salvation, he stole the movie… I thought, “Christian Bale who?”. (I’ve been a Christian Bale fan since I was a child watching Newsies, so this was kind of a big deal in my head.) One of the things I like most about the guy is that he seems not to care overly much about the machine. When he gives interviews, it seems like he’s just being himself and giving honest answers.

For instance, when he gave interviews on the red carpet of one of those big award shows a couple of years ago and they asked who he was wearing-he told them, then proceeded to explain that he didn’t like the shoes provided, so he went to Payless and bought some black dress shoes. Seriously, how much more down-to-earth can you get than that? The article yesterday had a video interview with Mr. Worthington, in which he talked about Clash of the Titans and it’s sequel. You can check out the interview here.

It doesn’t happen very often that an actor willingly throws himself/herself under the bus. There are plenty of actors out their who have no problem complaining about their own movies and how they weren’t very good. Normally, those complaints are about the script or the editing or anything else except for their own performance. I’m not trying to say that those complaints aren’t valid. I’m sure Sam Worthington has complaints about Clash of the Titans outside of his own performance. However, it is still refreshing to see an actor say that they found fault with their own performance, and in this case that he’s had the opportunity to try to improve with the same character.

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