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Happy Birthday Mr. Armitage!!!

Where in the world is Richard Armitage? (Feel free to imagine me singing the Carmen San Diego song, while trying to make “Richard Armitage” fit. ;))

I would say Detroit is probably a safe bet, given that’s where he’s been filming his latest movie, Black Sky. And looking at my clock it is now midnight in Detroit, which means where Richard is it is now officially Armitage Day!!!!! Happy Birthday Mr. Armitage.

Hopefully you have a wonderful day–maybe you will even fit a nice dinner and a few drinks into that busy schedule of your’s.

We can’t forget the birthday cake. Hopefully someone’s made you a beauty like this:

Picture courtesy of TORn.

Or maybe a cake like this. You could even use Thorin’s sword, Orcrist, to cut into Smaug!

Picture courtesy of Cakerator.

Given your current project, maybe you’d prefer a cake like this:

Photo courtesy of

What is a birthday without presents? For you my fellow Armitage admirers, I’ve given fanvidding another go. I hope you enjoy my little contribution to the birthday celebration! (Apologies to any readers from Germany, the video is blocked for you. :()

Here’s wishing Richard Armitage another wonderful year–full of happiness, joy, love, adventure and dreams come true! You really do make us smile and for that I’m incredibly grateful.

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Time Zone Pondering

One day until Mr. Armitage’s birthday!

All the various ways to celebrate we have going on in fan world:

There is still time to SpReAd the Love by donating a pint of blood or pound of food within your local community.


Don’t forget about Agzym’s birthday countdown. The bags are fabulous with Gisby’s cartoons!

I expect tomorrow to be filled with all kinds of fun stuff and goodies on the various blogs. After all, this is more or less a holiday for us Armitage admirers.

So now, about this time zone pondering…I’ve been trying to decide which time zone would be best for posting my special birthday post. Mr. A was born in England, so GMT would be a good choice. However based on his physical location on the globe (Detroit, MI) his birthday will start at midnight EST. Then of course, I could always just stick with my own time zone, CST. Hmmm, so many choices.

What do you think?

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