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I’m sure everyone has seen the Popcorn Taxi interview with Richard Armitage by now. If you haven’t yet, you can see it here.

There was a lot about this interview that I really enjoyed. RA and the interviewer seemed to have a good rapport, he was given time to flesh out his answers and of course there was all of that speaking with his hands (which I love). But there was one moment that really stood out to me. We already knew about the question where Richard was asked who would win in a cage fight–Thorin or Dwalin. But his reaction in the video was just priceless. It was like he was saying, “Duh! Isn’t the answer obvious?”

His reaction here reminds me so much of how my friends and I are together that it just adds another thing to the list of reasons I like  the guy. I went ahead and made a gif of his reaction, because I was watching these few seconds on repeat anyway.


Oh, and this post definitely gets the beardy goodness tag, because look at that gorgeous facial hair! 😉

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Paging Dr. Track!!!

Because Judiang is in need of a house call. That is the only explanation for what I witnessed tonight on Skype. Prepare yourself for the clear evidence that Judiang is in need of some special attention from the good doctor:



Do not try to adjust your screen.

You are not seeing things!


Judiang likes the baby beard!!!! But only on Richard. Although can you blame her? Look at this face:

AAP 1 Edit

Okay, so maybe she’s not sick. Her taste is just improving! 😉 Love ya, Judiang.

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What happened to, “I don’t really drink beer?”

Can Richard Armitage not keep his story straight? Did his tastes change this much between the November/December press tour and the end of April? Is he taking one for the team in trying to get the beard to grow back faster?

It really does crack me up when he contradicts himself in interviews that aren’t all that far apart. Kind of like how he was 6’2, 6’2 and 1/2 and so on during The Hobbit press tour. And now he’s done it again. At around 41 seconds into the below interview he says: “…pints of wine though, I don’t really drink beer.”

And now just a few months later he’s touting beer as the way to quickly grow his beard back.

Thanks to RANet for the scan. Highlights added by me.

Thanks to RANet for the scan. Highlighting added by me.

So does beer really help with facial hair growth? I did a quick, far from exhaustive search of Google and the only information I found seems to indicate the opposite. Apparently alcohol reduces testosterone levels and therefore slows beard growth! Maybe it’s an urban legend?

Oh well, as long as he keeps looking like this, he can say whatever he wants! 😉

AAP 5 Cropped

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Excuse me while I drool.

This showed up on Instagram earlier today and all I can really say is wow!

The beard is back!!! And can we talk about the chest hair? Yum! The shirt hanging out of the leather jacket isn’t my cup of tea, but I’m not going to complain. 😉

If you’ll excuse me, I have some serious ogling to do!

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It’s Official. Richard Should Keep The Beard.

Beard naysayers beware. A new report suggests that beards are a good thing. “While both dead sexy and totally awesome, beards are also a boon to your overall health.”

According to the study there are several benefits to sporting a beard:

  1. Protection from the sun.
  2. Reduced pollen inhalation.
  3. Shielding from the wind which keeps men “looking young and fresh-faced.”
  4. Less acne and possible bacterial infections associated with shaving.

With Richard’s beard soon to make a return for additional filming for The Hobbit, this study seems like a sign! Richard is meant to be bearded. There’s just no arguing with science. 😉

Need further convincing? Just look at the photo evidence:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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All that beardy goodness!

I haven’t had much time for being on my computer the last week or two, but boy was I excited this morning when I checked out Twitter!!!! I sure everyone has seen the new photos by now (if not RANet has links to them). Out of curiosity, what does everyone think of his beard in these shots? I’m not sure about the slightly longer beard, but man oh man, all that gray is quite dashing!

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