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Hmmm…Stubble and why I like it.

I like everyone else have been thrilled to see all of the pictures coming out surrounding Black Sky. Whether the pics come from a lucky fan who is generous enough to share her experience of meeting Richard Armitage or they come from Todd Garner, I’m a squeeing bundle of happiness.

But there is something missing from those pics. Facial hair. No, I’m not talking about the beard…although if you read here with any kind of regularity you know what a huge fan I am of the beard. No, I’m talking about stubble. I love the stubbled look on Mr. A and it goes beyond just my personal preference to see a little hair on a man’s face.

I knew that my love of the stubble had to do in part with the structural makeup of RA’s face. But couldn’t quite pin down what exactly it was about the stubble that I liked. After chatting with another fan, I have a firmer grasp of what the stubble does for his features.

I’ve diagrammed this to highlight what I see. (Sorry, Serv, this looks a lot like what you do in your anatomy posts, but I didn’t know how else to convey my thoughts.)


While Mr. Armitage has a striking jaw under any circumstance, the stubble makes the lines seem stronger, more defined. The hair on his upper lip, rounding down around his mouth and the hair on the upper portions of his jaw highlight his cheek structure. It provides something of a frame that works to emphasizes his cheek bones.

Let’s contrast this with one of the new photos:

Without any facial hair, his jaw seems to fade into his neck. The striking lines are much less visible. His cheekbones which are highlighted in the first picture, thanks to the stubble, almost just blend in with the rest of his face here. In my opinion, this makes them appear fuller.

Clearly there are many factors that could influence these observations–lighting, angle, a variation in weight, etc…

Mr. A is incredibly attractive either way. But for me, the stubble wins hands down.

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