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Another Richard Pic

And they just keep coming! This time from News 3:


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More Pics with the Hobbit Plane from The New Zealand Herald

You’ve probably already seen these by now. This batch is from the NZ Herald. I went through and just grabbed the ones with Richard in them.

Don’t you just love that smile!




I love how he’s got his arm around Sylvester McCoy and chatting with him. I know at least one person who will love to see some Sylvester!

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Gotta give Facebook some love too: More Air New Zealand Pics

Just saw these via Air New Zealand’s Facebook!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m not on overload yet, but it has to be coming right?

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I Love Twitter: Hobbit Cast on Air New Zealand Plane

I love Twitter!!! Seriously, I would miss sooo much of the awesome news that comes out without that particular social media. This is possibly one of my favorite pics I’ve seen in the last couple of days.

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If only all in-flight safety vids were like this…

…I’d actually pay attention for once!

I especially love the cameos. 🙂

Update: Okay, I was a little slow and just saw this. But there is a chance to win a trip to New Zealand tied in with the video. On the off chance you haven’t already seen it, go here.

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