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  1. Kathy Jones

    I think Richard lies about his height. for career reasons. I remember reading years ago that Tom Selleck (6’4″) lost roles because of being too tall. It is hard to cast other actors when one of them is much taller than the rest of the cast, A major height discrepancy causes technical adjustments to be made. Aside from the ego thing of appearing shorter than your fellow actor. I bet it was a big relief to Richard when cast as a dwarf, which made all the actor’s real heights irrelevant. Just a thought. Also, after viewing many of his scenes online, he has a certain stance (one leg in front of other, knee bent) that makes him appear shorter in the scene. Something only a lifelong tall person trying to appear shorter in photos would notice. Like your blog very much. I am new to RA fandom and enjoy your blog very much.Thank you for writing it.

    • Kathy, welcome to the fandom! I hope you’ve found it a friendly place so far.

      I’ve also wondered if he has shaved an inch or two off his actual height. As with Tom Selleck, I recall reading about Hugh Jackman admitting to saying he was shorter in order to get roles. I’m sure having a wide height difference among cast members makes filming more difficult. I guess that’s why you hear about shorter film stars wearing lifts in their shoes on occasion…much easier to add height to a shorter person than shrink the taller ones. I’ll have to look for the stance you mention. I’ve always noticed in photographs that he’s trying to look shorter. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was he was doing, but as another tall person, I recognized the attempt. 🙂

      • Kathy Jones

        Thanks for your informative and kind response. I have not “met” any other fans yet, but I am looking forward to it. Releasing my inner teenager by being a rabid fan of a hot actor is very fulfilling and took me by surprise. I just have a few questions about RA that after trolling for info on him for a few days, I couldn’t figure out. Does he still pay the cello. Who is his favorite classical composer, author, anything ? Dog breed, food, guilty pleasure, author???/ Does he ever answer any stupid questions by lazy journalists or are all his interviews specific and limited to promoting his latest project.? I thought British tabloids were insatiable.Is he not on their radar at all? Not popular enough or what? I don;’t get it, Also I don’;t understand how he can not be a famous tv or movie star by now. just wondering.

        • Kathy, I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to you. This page isn’t one I look at often and I accidentally overlooked your questions.

          The unsatisfactory answer to most of your questions is that we just don’t know. Richard Armitage is well known among his fans for being a very private person. He mentioned once pulling the cello out of the attic. Most of the time when he talks about books they have to do with his work in some capacity. He has mentioned Pixar films as a guilty pleasure. He does answer stupid questions all the time. If you ask any fan of a year or more they will tell you how tired they are of hearing him asked about being in the circus! Other than that the interviews are almost all about the work. He isn’t someone who you are likely to see doing an interview just for the sake of exposure. I’m an American, so I can’t speak with any credibility about British tabloids, but I would imagine if he’s the relatively normal guy that he seems, he probably isn’t much of a target for them, no matter how talented or attractive.

  2. Kathy Jones

    Thank you for your answer,which was not unsatisfactory in any way. I am an American as well. First saw him on MI5, thought he was hot, but got bitten by the RA fan bug after viewing Strike Back.(Long story about how those disks appeared.) I think for many of us, RA is a tool for releasing our inner teenager. He’s a conduit to fantasy, excitement and just plain fun. He stirs up such intense feelings from his fans, and I think (could be totally out of line here) no matter if fans are happily enjoying a relationship or not,he appeals to our “girly,,OMG giggly, suppressed silly parts of ourselves.”. What a relief to escape day to day ennui to indulge in a trip to RA land. Better than chocolate, and not fattening. I don’t mean to say being a fan of RA is silly, but it certainly beats paying bills and doing chores or working. It’s a mini vacation from our stresses. I also am amazed at how articulate and intelligent his fans are. What a accomplished group. All of you are awesome and I am proud to share RA time with you, If I knew how to blog, I would. I think it is beyond me, technically.

    f. .

    • Kathy Jones

      Hope I am not communicating to often, but just had to tell you, after exhaustive research (using of minutes of time while blowing off opportunities to be productive), I have definitive proof of RA’s correct height. According to the man himself ,he is 6’3″. The source is a brief.interview done during the Glamour UK photo shoot Jan. 3 issue. Now I can speculate that he is really 6’4”’. Kidding.

      • Kathy, you aren’t communicating too often. I’m just accustomed to people commenting on actual posts, not the contact page, and I forget to look here. I’m sorry about that. You are correct that Richard said he was 6’3 in the Glamour UK article. Unfortunately, during The Hobbit press tour he’s also on record as saying he’s 6’2 and even 6’2 and a half!!! I watched so many video clips and red so many articles I don’t remember in which he says what. I’m attributing this variance in admitted height to jetlag or something. Although, maybe he just thought he’d play with the fangirls, expecting us to catch his different statements. 😉

    • I love your description of what RA allows us to do! There is certainly a lot of freedom in letting out that girly, giggly, OMG side to ourselves and it is even more freeing when we find that we aren’t alone! There’s just something about being able to share that side of ourselves with a community who gets it.

      I think you might be surprised in how easy it actually is to blog. If it is something you are interested in doing, I would say give it a try. If it doesn’t work out for you, you don’t have to keep going with it. When I first started, I was really pleased with how straightforward and user friendly the WordPress platform was.

      • Kathy Jones

        Thank you for the words of encouragement. I contacted you here because I thought I was off topic regarding your posts. I will try to stick to the point and communicate on the other comment page. I thought maybe the discrepancies in his height were intentional. Since the 6’3″ comment only jumped out of his mouth once. Like “oops” I wasn’t supposed to be that tall. Not that it matters much. He’s tall and gorgeous, among other things.Your statue was hilarious. I think you should create a whole line of RA objects. Toothpaste, blue contacts, chick magnets to ,put on the refrigerator. Baby chicks with RA’s head. Genius!

        • You can keep contacting me here if you want, I just didn’t want for you to think I was ignoring you! I kind of wondered if he just got tired of saying he was shorter than he really is and so he said he was 6’3…although I have a friend who met him and recalled him being the same height as her hubby, who is also 6’2, so who knows. Oh Richard, can we measure you? 😉

          I’m glad you liked the statue. I can be a little ornery sometimes. That would be a prime example. 😉 I love the idea of all kinds of RA products, I’ll have to think on how to make the stuff in Photoshop.

          • Kathy Jones

            I’ll hold the tape measure while you write it down. Here’s another height discrepancy. From Pittsburgh Post Gazette” byline Sharon Eberson. “it’s hard to connect that the dashing 6 foot four actor is the same fellow you’ve just seen on the screen”. So now can I speculate that he is really six five? I find this quote really funny because in the preceding paragraph she quotes RA as saying he is “six feet something”.I guarantee he knows exactly how tall he is because he is a skier and you have to consider your height in selecting the correct length of ski, not to mention his custom tailoring orders. You might be right, he is just messing with us. Why do I care? What difference does it make? That is the question. Does being a fan mean you obsess over small details because you want to know eveyrthing? Inquiring minds want to know.

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