For the RichLee Shippers Out There

Okay, so I know RichLee shipping isn’t popular among certain segments of the fandom. And I think we can all agree that private pictures should remain private. But I made this edit of the wallpaper in the previous post for a friend and have been encouraged to post it for any shippers out their who would like to have it. Besides, their poses work soooo well for this graphic! And seriously, friends go dancing together too!!!

Get Down Tonight-Rich and Lee Version

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7 thoughts on “For the RichLee Shippers Out There

  1. I’m not a shipper, but you did a great job with this!

  2. And Luke Evans can be looking on doing not much.

    • If Luke looked like he was dancing in his pic I’d totally make a version that included him!!! 🙂

  3. Very funny fanart with Sarah Dunn’s pics. 🙂

  4. BONO Katia

    The “Yin” & the “Yang” dancing together…

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