Hurray and WTH?

Okay, so on the one hand I’m pretty darn excited by this news:

New Batman

After all, it means that Richard Armitage will not be playing the Caped Crusader. Y’all already know my thoughts on that subject. But now I’m stuck with a WTH reaction. Ben Affleck as Batman?! I love Batman movies and I’ve gotta say, this news sucks! Affleck is a wonderful director, his screenwriting skills are great, but his acting is more meh than anything. It’s certainly not in the same league as Christian Bale’s.

Oh well, I guess I know one movie I won’t need to see in 2015, although this really ruins my hopes for a great Justice League film. Yeah, I’m a nerd! 😉

Oh Richard, now would be a great time for an announcement as to your next role! I could use some good news. 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Hurray and WTH?

  1. Snickers' Mom

    Don’t worry, by the time there is a JL movie they’ll get Hiddles to play the bat.

  2. I never would have figured on Ben Affleck for this role, but now we can move on.

    • Yeah, the RA fandom can now look forward to news of whatever his next role will be. I need a few more minutes to move on though. I may not have wanted RA for the role, but I certainly had higher hopes than Ben Affleck! 😉

      • Who was a favorite of yours?

        • Honestly, I was still waiting for someone to suggest a suitable replacement for Christian Bale. I kind of liked the suggestion of Karl Urban, but I almost think it would have been better with an unknown actor cast in the role.

  3. One less movie to pay for … one less flick to see … *giggle*
    Seriously, I would have gone to see it if the birthday boy was in it, but now, nope, not happening.
    Have to agree with you, Jas, Ben’s not what I would think of as Batman material. But hey … wishing him success with it.

    • I think I’m probably out of sync with a lot of the fandom on this one. I didn’t think it was a good choice for RA, but I was still looking forward to it. It definitely wasn’t an “I’ll only see it because RA is in it,” movie for me. So like you, I’m going to wish Ben success with this, mainly because I want it to be good.

  4. “Meh” was my reaction. Ben’s kind of bland for me as an actor. *shrugs shoulders* Mr. A, please let us know SOMETHING soon.

    • My problem with Ben Affleck is that he’s one of those actors that I watch and I see the actor, not the character he’s portraying.

      • I have the same problem with Tom Cruise. No matter what role he’s playing, I still see TC. I have a few other problems with him, but we won’t go there. I think you are right, it would have been better to go with a talented, charismatic unknown for this. Oh well, nobody asked ME.

      • Servetus

        me, too.

        • You know, I can see him pulling off the Bruce Wayne part of it, but not the Batman part. He’s missing something critical there—or at least I haven’t seen it yet. Admittedly, I have hated some of the stuff I have seen him in, so I may be biased LOL

  5. Yeah, I don’t see him as Batman….didn’t he tank previously in a superhero film – Daredevil maybe?

    • Btw…not that I don’t like Affleck…I’ve loved him in a lot of things – just seems like an odd choice for him and the franchise – we’ll see 🙂

      • You’re right about the previous superhero film, it was Daredevil.

        There are movies I like him in, but his characters in those tend to be Average Joes. I just can’t even begin to imagine him as Bruce Wayne by day and Batman by night. I guess we’ll see how it goes. Maybe he’ll totally shock me and pull it off.

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  7. katie70

    I am ok with RA not getting Batman and no idea about Ben Affleck as I have never seen him in anything. I tend not to watch a lot of movies. I do know when I saw the news on Yahoo, from the comments it don’t seem that other people care to much for this choice either. Now I wonder what RA is doing next, I will go watch that for sure.

  8. Thanks for the information, that’s good news. 🙂

  9. Joanna

    Man with the three facial expressions 😉 Jenifer Lopez for Catwomen!

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