RA as Batman?

My Tweetdeck is full of links to articles which include Richard Armitage in various lists of those best suited to play the next Batman. I’m actually kind of excited about the prospect of a Superman/Batman movie. And the logo that’s been revealed is pretty freaking awesome:

Image Courtesy of Newsarama

That said, I have some serious reservations about Richard Armitage in this role. I saw where someone mentioned that Batman did great things for Christian Bale’s career and I’m in full agreement there. But the Batman franchise had no where to go but up when Christian Bale took on the role. The previous live action incarnation of the character was played by George Clooney in the much maligned Batman and Robin–a film which audiences gave only a 25% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. When fans are that harsh, you know a film is awful.

Richard Armitage or anyone taking on the role now, is stepping into a completely different situation. Now we’ve had three Batman films staring Christian Bale and directed by the amazing Christopher Nolan. Not only did fans love the films, but critics did as well. They’ve set a precedent for what we expect when we go to see a new Batman flick. And to be honest, although I like Zack Snyder’s films (300, Watchmen) I don’t know that I trust him to bring it like Nolan did when it comes to Batman.

So here’s my vote for what it’s worth (which I know isn’t much):

The Dark Knight

I hope Richard Armitage steers clear of this role. There are plenty of interesting characters out there to play and I strongly suspect that his portrayal of the character would always be compared to Bale’s. Of course, if he does end up playing the Caped Crusader I will be in the audience. But here’s hoping he goes another direction.

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36 thoughts on “RA as Batman?

  1. Servetus

    Love the graphic!

    • Thanks! I need to save a version without the no symbol, because even if I don’t particularly want to see him play the role, I do think he looks amazing in the Batsuit! 🙂

      • Servetus

        He does look great in the batsuit!

      • Servetus

        I think there’s something about how the vertical lines of the top of the batmask follow the natural lines of his forehead.

  2. Love the graphic,too! Also have reservations about this. While I am glad to see RA being mentioned more and more as a possible contender for a variety of roles (his star has obviously risen), I am not sure this is the route he should or would want to go.

    • Thanks, Angie. I had fun making the graphic. 🙂 I want him to do what he wants. So if he’s in a position to play the role and wants to, he should go for it. I’m just not sure what it would do for/to his career.

  3. KatharineD

    I think the big plus here is the level of recognition RA’s now getting, being listed alongside some pretty heavyweight A list actors. Can’t hurt his profile even if he neither wants nor gets the role.

    • I am in complete agreement with you and Angie on this point. It’s awesome to see him being named alongside actors who are much more well known than he is! Even if he doesn’t want or get the role of Batman the name recognition might help in regards to other roles he is interested in.

      • Mezz

        Great graphic Jas, and I completely agree with comments about the level of recognition RA is getting. I am so thrilled for him. At the moment, any suggestion of a role where I can see him on a screen gets a spontaneous thumbs-up from me, since I’m starving for sight and sound of him, but in actual truth I would prefer a different route for him. Ultimately of course, it’s up to him. I can’t wait to see what’s up next.

        • Thanks, Mezz. I get where you’re coming from with the spontaneous thumbs up! 😉 I’m looking forward to/hoping that there comes a time in the not too distant future where we get to see him on screen much more frequently. It is definitely up to him what he chooses to do, and I have pretty broad tastes when it comes to both movies and television programming, so as long as he doesn’t start doing horror movies I’ll follow him anywhere. 😉

          • Mezz

            Me too, Jas, re him being in a horror movie *shudders at the thought* although I don’t think we have to worry on that score. IIRC he has said that he isn’t a fan of the genre, so I reckon we’re safe to “follow him anywhere.” 😉

  4. KatharineD

    That’s right- you’d have to imagine industry insiders read these film websites to keep up with current trends. It’s great that he’s getting exposure he hasn’t had to go out and drum up himself. It’s the best kind of publicity really- his agent must be thrilled!

  5. Kap

    I think it would be fun to see him as Batman but he is probably too old whatever.

    • I do think it would be fun to see him as Batman, but I guess I’m looking at this from a Batman fan perspective as opposed to an RA fan perspective. As an RA fan I think he could be a brilliant Batman. But in the broader picture I can see tons of comparisons to Bale’s Batman and I don’t want that for him. If there is any truth to the rumor about Tyler Hoechlin screen testing for Batman, you are probably right about RA being too old as Hoechlin is only 25.

  6. Applause!

  7. Really hating the idea of RA as Batman. But totally agree that it’s exciting that he’s being considered on all those lists! His fame is definitely spreading. Also love the graphic! 😀

    • I hope that being on lists like these helps him secure whatever roles he wants. I have know idea how this stuff works, but I picture casting agents looking at lists like this saying, “Oh, he has momentum behind him. The world is already taking notice, so we should too.” I’m glad you like the graphic. 🙂

      • Servetus

        That was also the argument among certain segments of the legacy fans — hence the big campaigns to vote for him here and there whenever he appeared on celebrity polls. I don’t know how much it helps, but I am sure it can’t hurt, especially if people in the industry read those things.

        • I could be wrong, but I would think things like these lists would have more weight than polls voted on by fans. The lists, at least some of them, come from reputable movie and entertainment magazines and websites which seems like it would draw more attention from those in the industry.

      • I guess you’re right, but still. I really don’t want him to play Batman. I remember when Hugh Jackman started a rumor that he was being considered for the next James Bond. He totally started the rumor himself! LOL! He used to say “Bond…James Bond” at interviews. This was before Daniel Craig was cast. LOL

  8. That’s a really good pic of RA as Batman LOL.
    I think it would be exciting if Richard went for the role. I have no idea what direction they want to take Batman after CB though.
    Either way I would support it.
    But I really want to see RA in smaller roles, character driven roles. I think he’s probably looking in that direction anyway. But you never know! 🙂

    • Thanks, Lanie. I had fun making the Batman graphic. 🙂 If it weren’t for the fact he’d be following up the Christian Bale/Christopher Nolan Batman films, I would be all for RA playing Batman. But if he did end up playing this character I would hope for the best, knowing he would give it his all. Not to mention that I’d be at the movie theater on opening night. 😉 I’d like to see him in more character driven roles as well, but as long as he’s doing work he wants I’m happy for him. We’ll just have to wait and see what direction he goes.

  9. Joanna

    😀 I love the graphic,Jasrangoon. Also this new logo is pretty elegant and majestic 😉

  10. As much as I love Mr. Armitage and as happy as I am to see his career blossom, I just think that at a month shy of 42, he’s just too old now.

    • I think Richard’s being too old is entirely depended on the script and the direction they go with this Batman. Based on the rumors about screen tests though, I think he probably is older than they are looking for.

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  12. That is a nice graphic of RA, but I SERIOUSLY hope that our man stays clear of starring as batman. Just the thought makes me want to vomit.

    • Thanks, Xenia. I’m definitely not as opposed to RA as Batman as you are. 😉 My objections are almost solely about him following up Christian Bale’s Batman.

  13. I agree with you completely. Not sure if it’s because I want to see him in independent films or I’d hate seeing a mask cover his face. 😉

    • LOL! I can see the objection to his face being covered, but I do think he looks pretty spectacular in the mask. 😉

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  16. Love your fanarts Jasrangoon. 🙂

    But I prefer to see Richard in a costume drama or comedy instead of Batman. 😉

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