Update: The Hunt for Red Plaid

I’ve been busy getting ready to head out of town for the holiday weekend, but I wanted to do an update for those of you not on Twitter. It sounds like two more of the dwarves will be getting on board with their red plaid shirts soon!


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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21 thoughts on “Update: The Hunt for Red Plaid

  1. I love it when a plan comes together! 😉
    Have a great weekend, Jas!

    • Thanks for adding me on that one Tweet! I only saw the tweets because of that. Logged on to look something up and got the notification. I love that these guys are so willing to do silly stuff for fans.

      • I was giggling so hard, my mother heard me from the other room. The fact that they’re doing this is just amazing to me. I love silly! 😉

  2. Snickers' Mom

    I can’t wait for it! I hope you are taking your laptop with you to keep abreast of any further red plaid news. Oh, and please enjoy your weekend and yummy food!

    • I know! I’m so excited to see their plaid pictures!!! I will be taking the laptop along. Can’t you just picture me floating around the lazy river with my laptop, so I can keep an eye out for red plaid shirt tweets? 😉 Kidding, but I will have to check when I get a chance. You and Zan will have to let me know if they Tweet their pics. I’ll make sure to eat a few hand pies for you!

  3. Leigh

    Can’t wait to see the photos of all the guys in their red plaid shirts. They be sexier than Speedos.

  4. Leigh

    And you can tell Mr. Brophy from me that even though it may not be his style, (1) I am sure it will look better on him than the lady elf get-up and (2) it will be good for going horseback riding on the weekends, because it has long sleeves and the horse won’t care what it looks like.

  5. I had to ask and there wasn’t room for all the names! But I knew you’d see. : D

    • I’m glad you asked!!! I think you are more diligent that I have been about asking. I haven’t been on Twitter much lately, so it helped that Zan directed me to the conversation.

      • I saw my chance! Plus, I think the guys are having fun with it, too.

        • Janine … glad you asked, too. I’ve been trying not to be a pest to them, but whenever I see a chance to mention it to Stephen and Jed, I do. So glad they’re doing *something*! LOL I’m so looking forward to seeing what they come up with. 🙂

          • I keep it to a minimum. And with the subliminal kilt reference. : D

            They are good sports. Only adds to my admiration.

            • Agreed. What started out as appreciation of their acting skills has quickly turned into deep admiration of the person behind the actor. Good sports, who enjoy a bit of silliness. Go Team Dwarf! 😀

              P.S. Love the subliminal kilt reference!! Maybe we need to start adding in the pelt reference, too? *giggle*

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    Ain’t that a kick in the plaid? 😉
    Go Bombur and Nori …

  7. katie70

    I sure would be great if they had a group dwarf picture in red plaid. The Hunt for Red Plaid sounds like a great name for a book or maybe some fanfic.

  8. This is such fun! Thanks for the update! Of course, once you have every character in red plaid, it will be interesting to see if and how they might accessorize with their plaid.

    And how about a vote? Sexiest in red plaid, handsomest red plaid garment, ugliest red plaid garment, etc., leading up to best in red plaid for top honors. Ha!

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