Graham McTavish Rocks!!!!

Seriously, I don’t think he has any idea how much a few of us fangirls are squeeing right now!

Six to go!


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23 thoughts on “Graham McTavish Rocks!!!!

  1. He is AMAZING! And pretty darn gorgeous. 😉

  2. jazzbaby1

    Lol…and squeeing, too…

  3. Such a handsome man, and what a darling!!!


    • Itsy, we had already more or less joined the Graham fan club. I think this just cemented it for us!!! *Squee*

  4. As I said at Twitter, REAL Dwarves wear plaid, obviously.And isn’t he a sexy beast! YUmmmmm.

    • Real dwarves wear plaid…YES THEY DO! Maybe that should be the hashtag we put on tweets. 😉 He really is a handsome man. And did I mention awesome? 😉

  5. Super sexy, and can I say -SNAPS! But the best part..the little calico chicken pillow in the background!

    • Very sexy! I love the Western style of the shirt. Thank you so much for pointing out the pillow! That seriously just made this picture even more amazing, which in reality was kind of a big accomplishment. 😉

  6. Those are the details that are pure gold 🙂 (Did you see the dance pillow on te other side? Platinum!)

    • I did see that one! Those pillows really are priceless.

      Let me tell you, I’m a little bit concerned over how excited I am in regards to this pic. It got a way bigger reaction out of me than today’s new Richard pic, and Richard’s sporting that beard I love so much!!! *off to hide my RA fangirl card*

  7. Shh, do you hear that? It was Richard breathing a sigh of respite as the fan girls are distracted from minute discussions of chest hair and shirt buttoning etiquette. (Yes, yes we do know how it sounds) 😀

    It’s that personal communication thing no doubt…ask a question and get such a fabulous response …who wouldn’t squee? No harm, no foul 😉

  8. What a lovely lovely man!

  9. McTavish is a good guy! And kudos to you for asking for him to share his “inner red plaid”. Ha!

    • He really is so nice! I have to give credit to Zan for contacting him. Snickers’ Mom and I just added our voices and the graphic to try and help get a response.

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  11. Yes, what a lovely man. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the London Hobbit premiere last year and he was so sweet, polite and fun.

    What a lovely, lovely thing for him to do. ❤

    • How exciting that you got to meet him! He does seem like a really lovely, generous person. He didn’t have to send out that picture for fans, but doing so says something about the kind of person he is.

  12. saraleee

    So, how goes the Quest for the Red Plaid? I’d really like to see a full set. 🙂
    Didn’t Stephen Hunter promise to post of pic of himself in a red plaid shirt, too?

    • Nothing new from the actors to report. I know that Zan tweeted both Jed Brophy and Stephen Hunter a week or two ago to ask again. We’re trying not to be too big of pests. 😉 Hopefully they really will share some pics in red plaid at some point.

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