Am I Seeing Things?

Back in the late 90s, one of my go to TV shows was Dawson’s Creek. Looking back I have absolutely no idea why I was so invested in this particular show. Perhaps I’ll just chalk it up to being a teenage girl at the time. I don’t often think of Dawson’s Creek, and I definitely don’t watch reruns–the one time I did, I was rather appalled at my teenage self’s taste in programming. But yesterday afternoon I was reminded of the show thanks to this tweet:

In the final season of Dawson’s Creek there was a new love interest for Joey Potter. His name was Eddie Doling and he was played by Oliver Hudson. In general I don’t think Richard Armitage and Oliver Hudson look alike. But every once in a while older pictures of RA surface and I am shocked by how similar they appear to me.

Of course y’all are free to disagree with me, but here they are side by side:

RA and Oliver Hudson

So what do you think? Am I seeing things or is there a resemblance?

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13 thoughts on “Am I Seeing Things?

  1. Servetus

    When I saw that picture of Armitage, I remembered exactly when that particular hairstyle was popular. I didn’t watch Dawson’s. I don’t think they look much alike but that haircut really foregrounds the forehead, and they have a similarly prominent forehead musculature, I think.

  2. jazzbaby1

    You are definitely NOT seeing things.

  3. I’d say it’s the hair, and to a certain degree, the bone structure. And he’s got a long neck with prominent Adam’s apple, too. Both good-looking young men, that’s for certain.

    • The hair makes a big difference I think. When looking at more recent picture of Richard I don’t see the resemblance at all.

  4. kaprekar

    Also they both have the same Mona Lisa smile.

    • Interesting analysis, Kaprekar. I think there are some similarities between their mouths. The shape isn’t the same, but they both have very thin upper lips with a fuller lower lip.

  5. Definitely a resemblance … hair, forehead, jawline. And handsome. Yeah, can’t forget that. 😉

  6. Joanna

    Slight resemblance,yes….very hansome mix of Hawn’s and Hudson’s genes;)
    Richie has the Cheshire Cat smile, IMO 🙂

    • I’ve always thought Oliver Hudson looked a lot like his mom. I don’t know what his dad looks like, but Oliver is a handsome guy. I like calling that a Cheshire Cat smile, on Richard. It’s kind of an odd expression, but I enjoy seeing these older pictures.

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