Excuse me while I drool.

This showed up on Instagram earlier today and all I can really say is wow!

The beard is back!!! And can we talk about the chest hair? Yum! The shirt hanging out of the leather jacket isn’t my cup of tea, but I’m not going to complain. πŸ˜‰

If you’ll excuse me, I have some serious ogling to do!

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55 thoughts on “Excuse me while I drool.

  1. Holy Moly! Yeah, maybe leave the jacket unzipped πŸ™‚

  2. *THUD*

  3. jazzbaby1

    Must…resist…urge…to…sing…”The Lumberjack Song”…beyond that, YOWZA!

    • LOL! He’s definitely OK!!! *giggle*

    • LMAO! I had to look you “The Lumberjack Song.” Hilarious!

      • Teuchter

        I’d forgotten that song! I should have remembered it, especially when he mentions British Columbia – my home Province! πŸ˜€

    • Leigh

      *giggle, snort* Gawd, he’s gorgeous. Just let me unzip that jacket.

    • Joanna

      Jazzy! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ hilarious picture!

  4. back in NY it seems…heads up NYC πŸ™‚

  5. Teuchter

    *FAINTS* !! Drooling right with you, Jas. Oh my gosh!! *speechless for a moment* “Welcome back beard – so lovely to see you and your accompanying chest hair.” *faints again*

  6. I suppose it’s wrong of me to want to bury my face in that manly chest. MANLY. MANLY. I will give him a pass on the zipped jacket–just this once.

    • Teuchter

      Ahem! Excuse me Fedoralady! There’s a line up here to do just that – and I doubt if either of us is first in the queue! πŸ˜€

      • I am absolutely in that line as well! πŸ˜‰

        • I really don’t mind waiting my turn. Good things come to those who wait, or so I’ve heard it said. *grin*

          • I’m thinking the end of the line is really the best place to be. That way there’s no one behind you rushing things along! πŸ˜‰

            • You make an excellent point, my dear. πŸ˜€ No pushing, no shoving, no impatient fangirls . . . just —- bliss. *melts in puddle even without the current heat*

            • Teuchter

              Now we’re all going to be ultra-polite and let all the others ahead of us. πŸ˜‰ Do you think this might earn us a hug too? *sigh*

    • No, it is not wrong at all…and that assessment has nothing to do with the fact that I want to do the same thing! πŸ˜‰

  7. Omigosh!!!!!

  8. You know, sometimes I wonder how “unaware” of the chatter he actually is. There was some enthusiastic swooning about the smidge if chest hair on the latest Ascroft pic over the weekend, and now this one….”Hello ladies, I hear you like my chest hair, how about a better look”. πŸ˜‰

    • I’ve wondered the same thing. There were things he said during the Hobbit press tour and the DVD promotion that make me think he’s more informed than he professes to be. I actually think it would be hilarious if this picture was somehow tied to him reading that we all like his chest hair. Too bad we’ll never know.

      • Would be a stitch wouldn’t it?…Is there another candid shot where he’s unbuttoned half way to his belly button? Not that I’m complaining mind you πŸ˜€

      • I have thought for a while he enjoys winding us up a bit–that mischievous side of him showing. The “Love in an Elevator” and “Master and Slave” references, for example. He may be shy and have that reserved Englishman aspect to his personality, but there’s a naughty boy in there, too. And I LIKE it.

        • Bring it on I say. Bring. It. On. πŸ™‚

        • I totally agree. He may be prim and proper on the outside but that man has a naughty side that tries to sneak out every once in a while!

          • He gets that little gleam in his eyes and a certain something in his smile and you just KNOW the naughty side is trying to break out. I think he’d be a great deal of fun to be naughty with.

          • *sigh* all that and naughty too? I can hardly stand it πŸ˜‰

          • Leigh

            Definitely love the naughty side.

  9. katie70

    I was thinking about the beard and if he was growing either yesterday or today while washing tables after lunch (there is time to think while I do that job) and there is my answer yes.
    I must say that I will be at the back somewhere, after all I am shy and have to scope this whole line thing out first.
    Now how am I to go to bed after seeing this picture? Sunday and now today I am sure to have a lack of sleep thing going on.
    I still am not over the Ascroft picture yet and now this one too. What a man and I don’t say that lightly ( I tend just to say guy). Just the right amount of chest hair. WOW!

    • I love that you were thinking about the beard and then, boom, there it was! πŸ™‚ In reality I’d be much more like you–somewhere in the back, just trying to get a peek at him without actually trying to meet him. I hope you managed to get some sleep. Maybe the delectable pictures gave you some lovely dreams? πŸ˜‰ You aren’t the only one who hasn’t gotten over that latest Ascroft picture! It’s my wallpaper at the moment, and I find myself closing all the windows on my screen so I can look at it. πŸ™‚

      • katie70

        I was thinking last night, I am staying at the back and no army is going to move me. Then I really thought about that and decided no, but today in the lunch line one boy had a shirt that said “You and Who’s Army”. I didn’t laugh, but I sure had to keep myself from doing so. I did get some sleep and no dreams. I have odd dreams at best and nothing good, just boring. All I could think about or so it seemed was those picture all day.

  10. Mezz

    Hubba hubba!! When I picked myself up off the floor after first setting eyes on this, all I could think about was Sydney. In two weeks. I’ve been wondering how much beard will have grown back by the time I see him, now I have a pretty good idea. *flailing*

    • Squeee! It is ridiculous how excited I am just reading about you attending this event! Just try and stay calm so you can take it all in…and of course get pictures for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to be there. πŸ˜‰

  11. Very nice, but I prefer him without the beard… or only stubbles. πŸ˜‰

    • I’m sure he’ll be back to stubble once filming is over. Until then those of us who love the beard are going to swoon. πŸ˜‰

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