…makes my inner fangirls clash with one another.

I woke up this morning, checked my email and saw this:

And all is right with the world!

I’m kidding of course, but I found myself a bit annoyed that I let my RA fangirl win out over my Tolkien fangirl when it came to the voting. The thing is, Gandalf has always been one of my absolute favorite Tolkien characters–right up there with Faramir, Aragorn, Sam (the true hero of LOTRs in my humble opinion), and Treebeard.

Thorin, while I love Richard Armitage’s portrayal of him so far, has always struck me as something of a pompous ass. I appreciate that between the screenwriting, directing, and RA’s performance they seem to have rounded the character out a bit more. But if I put the movie aside and look at where Thorin is headed compared to everything Gandalf accomplishes in Middle Earth, the dwarf just pales in comparison the Mithrandir.

So, congratulations Gandalf! You totally deserve it.

And now I’m off to hide my RA fangirl card from those who might try and take it away. 😉

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19 thoughts on “Fangirling…

  1. Servetus

    I’ve gone all over the place on this, but the one position I’ve had for the last few rounds is that Gandalf probably would (and should) win. And I was disturbed by the possibility that people were once again cheating on a poll in which Armitage was involved, because of how it makes the Armitage fangirls look. So I am totally okay with this — and I’m not taking away your fangirl card over this, anyway 🙂

    • I don’t understand why people feel the need to cheat on this kind of thing. It’s all supposed to be in good fun. Plus, as you say, it makes us fans look bad.

      Oh and thanks for not trying to take my card! 😉

      • It does…and it is doubly ironic in that so many of “us” wax rhapsodic over the upstanding qualities of “our guy” …then cheat to help him win? Does not compute…

  2. Whoa, the inter fangirl smackdown! – how’s your head with all that going on in there? 🙂

  3. Paula

    I was exactly the same as you, my fan girl side unfortunately came out at the last minute, she slapped my sensible I’m voting for Gandalf hand away and voted for Thorin, thoroughly ashamed of myself I closed the website crossing my sensible fingers ( if not sore from the slap fingers ) and hoped Gandalf would win ….. I mean he had to, he’s Gandalf 🙂

    • Paula, I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one! I felt bad even as I was voting–which I know is pathetic given that this is all for fun in the first place. But I felt like I’d cheated Gandalf out of a deserved vote. Thank goodness he won in the end! 🙂

  4. Jane

    I voted for Thorin once and never tried to vote multiple times. I have never been a fan of manipulating polls by multiple votes and mobilizing an army that wouldn’t normally frequent the site that hosts the poll. A TORn poll is for Tolkien fans, not for RA fangirls. If RA as Thorin has won many of them over, it is a wonderful thing, but the army rushing in as usual is not. Those polls give the impression that RA is hugely popular among the general audience respectively the readers of a certain site, when in fact he has just a small but active and well organized fanbase. What is the point of that?

    • Manipulating the polls is inappropriate, I agree. And I do find the idea of RA fangirls who are voting for Richard and not really Thorin a bit of a problem. But that’s the nature of online polls like this one. Anyone who has access to the internet has the right to vote. I think even without the Army it was inevitable that Thorin would finish higher in the standings this year because of the film. So many more people watch the Peter Jackson films than those who have actually read the books. I read several comments at TORn from people saying that Thorin is one of their favorite Tolkien characters. These were people who claimed not to be part of the Army. So hopefully it wasn’t just Richard’s fans that got the character all the way to the last round.

      • Servetus

        And they didn’t specify. The question didn’t say, vote for the better kisser, or the better warrior in the books, or the cutest portrayal in the movies. In fact there was no question, just a bracket: Thorin or Beorn? Thorin or Galadriel? Thorin or Gandalf? That left it open for people to vote on whatever basis they felt appropriate. So I don’t feel you can say, it’s wrong to vote for Thorin because you love Richard Armitage. Any reason to vote is technically permissible in a setting like that.

        • I would agree that technically voting for such a poll is based on whatever criteria the voter chooses, especially with the lack of specified criteria. However, I do think the fact that we were voting Thorin vs whoever indicates that people were supposed to be voting for the character, not the actor who portrays him.

          I’m not interested in giving people a hard time, since clearly I voted for Thorin. 🙂

          • Servetus

            But for a lot of people who haven’t read the books (and this must ahve been true for LOTR as well), the characters aren’t really separable from the performances (of the actors who played them). This was what annoyed me in the end about the comments — like I was “supposed” to vote based on who someone I didn’t know thought Tolkien thought was the better choice. If you want people to vote only based on the books, then go for it. Of course, then why have such a competition at all? The books make perfectly clear who the “winners” are.

            • I fully expect most people to vote based on the performances in the various movies. That’s why characters from The Silmarillion never get very far in March Madness. But I saw comments in a few places where people were saying, “Richard needs your vote.” That is where things get annoying for me. If you love Richard AS Thorin that’s great, vote for him. But Richard wasn’t in the competition. His character was.

              That’s part of the reason I was frustrated with myself. I did love Richard’s performance of Thorin so far, but he still wasn’t deserving of a win over Gandalf IMO. I let the RA fangirl vote when I shouldn’t have.

              The really die-hard Tolkien fans will always want people to base their votes on the books, but that just isn’t reasonable. They would have to set up their own poll where only those who have read every work that takes place in Middle Earth could vote.

  5. Well its confession time! I unfortunately am very disappointed that Thorin didn’t win. And I confess I tried to vote many times – including logging on to computers a work to vote! I did draw the line at getting my class to log on and vote 😉 so, maybe I should lose my Tolkein fan girl card as penance.

    • Bechep, I don’t begrudge you your disappointment. I also don’t really think voting a couple of times from different computers is the kind of manipulation that TORn was worried about. In the past there have been polls that someone hacked in order to allow fans to vote over and over so that Richard would win. Where’s the fun in that? I’m proud of your restraint! It would have been tempting to get the class to vote too. 😉 Didn’t you discover Richard because of the Hobbit? I think that in itself would entitle you to hang onto your Tolkien fangirl card (not that you should lose it anyway)! 😉

      • Yes I did discover Richard through TH. Maybe that is why I was so desperate for him to win. Although I have loved the books since i was a teenager, since the movie I have become…shall we say besotted with Thorin, or should I say Richard’s portrayal of him.
        I certainly think hacking into the poll is a bit extreeme. but voting over and over is kinda fun- I mean look at the #votebilbo thats been going on on Twitter>
        Anyway, thanks for not taking away my Tolkien fangirl car, I may not use it as much as my Richard one but I still like to carry it around! 🙂

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