Richard on Twitter…

…well, for an interview at least! We’ll take what we can get, right?

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20 thoughts on “Richard on Twitter…

  1. Obscura

    D#@$ you Twitter – I will not succumb! I got nothing — except a plea: someone please come up with NEW questions…pretty please?

    • Yes, please let there be good questions! The thing I most want to know is if he has any new projects lined up. Not a terribly original question, but definitely one we’d like an answer to.

      • Obscura

        Maybe not original question, but the answer is one we haven’t heard yet right?

        • I don’t think we’ve heard, unless I’ve missed something. I did go ahead and ask a question: What was the most trying aspect of becoming Thorin everyday? I hope it gets answered! *fingers crossed*

          • Obscura

            Is there a crossed fingers emoticon? (crossing) On second thought, maybe he doesn’t want to divulge such future plans…may lead to legions of rabid objectifiers and dignity debasers staking him out…I can too let things go! 🙂 (BTW…How are orders on the sculptures coming?)

            • I don’t know if there is one in WP, but I mentally have my fingers crossed. 😉 I went ahead and asked about future projects too. Might as well put it out there and see if we get any info…after all it is the rabid objectifiers and dignity debasers who by multiple movie tickets, figurines, plush dolls and all other variety of things that help line his pockets. 😉 Hmmm, sculpture orders? Did I have any official orders? *makes note to go back and check*

              • Obscura

                Don’t let that sculpture thing get out too widely…you’ll end up paying someone royalties 😉 (Although I wouldn’t complain if he’d come to pick up the check in person!) 😀

  2. Here is my question offering on Twitter just now:

    @TheHobbitMovie #AskThorin #RichardArmitage What question do you wish interviewers would ask you, but have not. Then please answer it.

  3. Obscura

    I can see the adorable look of contemplation already 🙂 Love it!

    How about this…(it’s a math question) “If you had 5p for every time you’ve been asked about the circus or being a “hot dwarf” how many pounds would you have? -show your calculation please” 🙂

    No news there, but I bet it gets a guffaw 🙂 (I’d be happy with a snicker)

    • I had to change it a bit, Obscura, but I asked: @TheHobbitMovie If you had 5p for each time you’ve been asked about the circus or being a “hot dwarf” how many £s would you have? #AskThorin

      Hopefully he’ll answer your question! 😉

      • Obscura

        Thanks Jas!!…I will break my Twitter rule for no man…not even Richard Armitage – I do still have some standards 🙂 I presume some helpful soul *hint, hint* is going to publish the results of this interview for the non-tweeters..(what is the name for those who tweet?)

    • Your question has been named most hilarious by RANet, on Twitter. She said congratulations for having the best question so far. 😉

      • Obscura

        You are a goddess! Thanks for the info. (it is gratifying to know that I’m not the only one who thinks I’m hilarious!) 😀

  4. Teuchter

    I’m not on Twitter and don’t plan to be but would someone please ask him the following

    a) has he bought a house in NZ yet? (BTW, I live in Canada so won’t be stalking him 😉 )
    b) who taught him to ocean and fly-fish while he was in NZ – a fellow cast member of one of the crew?

    If only one question can be asked I’m more interested in the second answer – I think!!! 😀

    • Teuchter, I tweeted both your questions. I had to drop the ocean and fly-fishing to just fly fishing to get it down to the number of characters allowed. I hope he answers one or both of your questions!

      • Teuchter

        Wow! How can I thank you jas? I honestly wasn’t giving you a hint to ask them for me! I see that Ali over at RANet plans to post all the questions and answers after the event so I’m really looking forward to reading what he has to say even if neither of mine are included. 😀 I’m guessing there will have to be either a time limit or the number of questions asked, otherwise the poor guy might me there for days!! Yes please! – Tell him to bring his PJ’s or does he…..? Teuchter, behave yourself! You are not going ask *that* question! 😉 LOL

  5. Teuchter

    Oops! That should read “be there for days.” That’s what I get for letting my mind go astray!

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