Meet Stick Thorin Oakenshield

Out of the blue I’ve developed this crazy love of making stick figures. It started out as a simple little stick figure hug that I made for someone and it has turned into this need to teach myself to not only to make the stick figures, but also animate them–before anyone starts to worry, I am exaggerating. 😉 But I have made 3 generic stick figure animations and now I’ve moved on to the most ridiculous of all. I’m actually laughing at myself because of how cheesy this is, but I’m still going to share with you all.

Meet Stick Thorin Oakenshield:

Thorin and Stick Thorin

Yeah, I know he doesn’t really look like Richard as Thorin, but I’m still kind of fond of the little guy. Anyway I also decided that Stick Thorin needed to be animated and this is what I came up with:


Any guesses which scene inspired this piece of ridiculousness?

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21 thoughts on “Meet Stick Thorin Oakenshield

  1. Twirling Thorin! He’s adorbs, Jas! 🙂

    • Thanks, Zan! Did you notice he’s a different Stick Thorin than last night? I opted for a new look. 🙂

  2. Servetus

    I’m guessing that vlog snippet where he’s skipping.

  3. Is he supposed to look like Che Guevera?

  4. Snickers' Mom


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  6. bechep

    You are hilarious! Love it. Now we need a stick Thorin riding his stick pony or a stick Thorin meeting a stick Bilbo!

    • OMG!!! Putting Stick Thorin on his stick pony never even occurred to me! Now I’m going to have to think about how to accomplish this. 🙂

      • Servetus

        Maybe Stick Figure Richard and Stick Figure Thorin could have a meetup.

  7. katie70

    My kind of art, or I don’t think I could even do that. But how cute Thorin stick figure Oakenshield is.

    • Thanks, Katie. I’m sure you could make a stick Thorin too! Believe me when I say I have very little artistic skill when in comes to drawing and such.

  8. Hi, jas! I love your stick figure animation. (I’ve always wanted to do an animation but don’t have the mad skillz.) I do, however, have experience with stick figures relating to RA. 🙂

    Check out this collection from the past few years:

    • My version of Stick Figure Thorin:

      Unfortunately, no cool flips for him! Just sword-holding and pipe-smoking.

      • I had totally forgotten that you had done a version of Stick Thorin. I hope you don’t feel like I was stepping on your toes making this one. I think my Thorin is probably jealous of yours anyway, after all, your Thorin got a real looking sword AND a pipe! 🙂

        • I like your animation. Thanks for the compliment! 🙂 Online tutorials? Sounds interesting, but I’m not too ambitious. Translation: lazy! Animations can be your specialty. I just realized I haven’t done a SFR vid in almost a year! Maybe a new one will appear during F4.

          • The tutorials were more for a generic walking stick figure I made. It showed me how to position the legs and arms from frame to frame, which was really helpful. I hope you do make another SFR vid for F4!!! I know everyone would enjoy seeing what he’s been up to! 😉

    • Hi Nat! I’m a longtime fan of Stick Figure Richard and your vids! I’m sure you could do an animation. The only reason I was able is because I found online tutorials that helped me out. (I’m very much a slave to tutorials.)

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