Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had planned to do a little something fun for the day, but I’ve been battling a dying laptop. 😦 So this is all you get from me. 😉

Be Mine RA

I hope that whether you spend the day with a romantic partner, friends, or even by yourself with a trusty movie–North & South anyone–that it is a wonderful day for all of you!

I’m off on a little adventure for the weekend. So I’ll see y’all in a few days.

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12 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Cute! Awww, now I want some of those Necco conversation hearts! 😉 Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours, and have a good weekend. 😀

    • Did you get yourself some of conversation hearts? I always loved them as a kid, although I thought they tasted nasty. 😉 I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

  2. Servetus

    sorry about your laptop. Happy Valentine’s Day, though.

    • Thanks, Serv. At least the laptop started to die right before a holiday weekend. Thank goodness for sales! Hope you had a good Valentine’s Day.

  3. Leigh

    Condolences on the laptop, but thanks for the darling conversation heart.

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy your fun weekend!

    • I hope you had a wondeful Valentine’s Day, Xenia. I did enjoy my weekend! I have a post I’m working on about it, but I’m waiting for the new laptop to show up so I can upload pictures.

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day, Jas! Enjoy your adventure!!!

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day, Jas! Have a great weekend! Cannot wait to hear of your adventures!! 😉

    • Happy Valentine’s Day, Itsy…almost a week later. 😉 My new computer is supposed to be here today! So hopefully I’ll get the pictures of my adventure up soon.

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