To Do List: One Item Down

Most of the things on the to do list I have in my header image are ongoing or long term items. The Maggie and John story will take quite a while to finish. And let’s be honest, as long as there are images to ogle, I’ll keep on doing it. But a few of the items are things that I can actually accomplish in a timely manner, and one of them I completed yesterday while giving my twinging back a rest.

I enjoyed The Golden Hour. It wasn’t necessarily stellar television and I can’t imagine that I’ll watch it again, or at least not frequently. But the stories lines were engaging and I was able to become invested in some of the characters. Other characters I just wanted to slap upside the head–Dr. Naz anyone? Dr. Alec Track on the other hand won me over in the first episode. And no, it wasn’t just because Richard Armitage played the good doctor! Seriously, how could you not love the guy after this?

Golden Hour


If you haven’t yet watched the show, I would recommend it. I could have seen myself watching this even without RA. But then, I’ve always enjoyed medical dramas.

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18 thoughts on “To Do List: One Item Down

  1. Leigh

    Dr. Track, my hero!

  2. Yay! You discovered the wonderful Dr. Track! 🙂
    And really, how could you not love him after that?

    • He was pretty wonderful. I don’t know how someone could not love Dr. Track after that! Only if they were heartless of had ridiculously high standards. 😉

  3. Teuchter

    Like the actor who brought Dr Track to life he is very self-effacing and didn’t reveal the real reason he was late for the party! When I watched the show I could actually imagine him as a real doctor as I think he is a very caring person in real life. *sigh*

    • Teuchter, the fact that he didn’t tell the truth about why he was so late endeared him to me even more! There is something very admirable about doing good without the expectation of praise.

  4. kathryngaul

    I am so pleased to see that other people like “The Golden Hour” – after some of the negative comments I saw last year (eg. “boring, no wonder it was axed”!!!), I thought I was the only one! I’ve had the DVdD for years and still go back to it now and again

    • To each there own. I’m not really sure how people could find it boring. With all of the skipping around in time, I thought it was engaging. It certainly forced me to pay more attention than I do to many television programs.

  5. kathryngaul

    Wasn’t it sweet of him to bring in the CD player and the CDs for that unconscious girl? Ah, Dr. Track…you are such a wonder!

  6. I wish I had the DVD’s! I don’t even know if they are available for our Region in the US.
    Dr. Track was a very likable character and I agree that the only real annoying thing in the show was “Naz”. Ugh, what an odious person! It’s unfortunate that the network chose not to give the show a better opportunity to get an audience.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t like Naz! This is the kind of show I probably wouldn’t have watched were it not for RA. I hate when they just end with no real conclusion. So many shows are just getting into their stride at around four episodes. So it is really a shame that they didn’t give it a longer run.

  7. I can watch TGH one episode at a time, in small doses, which doesn;t change the fact that richard playing a life-saving hero can never be shabby!
    BTW, love the header and I can’t wait for you to do point 3 of your list. I was sobbing in the middle. SOBBING I tell you!!!! I love that audiobook so very much!

    • Totally agree, RA as a life saving hero can never, ever, ever get shabby! 🙂

      Thanks for the kudos on the header! I have to find the time to read Lords of the North before I can listen to it. I tend to zone out when listening to audiobooks. Yes, even those that RA reads! So I have to read the book before hand so I know what is going on when I zone out during the audiobook.

  8. Joanna

    Very interesting production,wonder why so little known. ❤ Dr. Track 🙂 *sigh*

    • Maybe it is so little known because it only lasted for four episodes, but Dr. Track definitely made it worth the watch. 🙂

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