How does one trend on Twitter?

Why, it’s as simple as having your remains confirmed 528 years after your death. 😉 Being a king probably doesn’t hurt either.

Richard  III Trending


Here’s a link to the BBC News article about the confirmation of Richard III’s remains. And if you’ve been on the fence about signing the petition to support Richard Armitage’s dream of playing the king, now would be the time to go ahead and sign. This discovery and confirmation will more than likely help in getting a project about the last Plantagenet king funded and produced.

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4 thoughts on “How does one trend on Twitter?

  1. Servetus

    Hmm, not sure where that comment went. Now we need to get Richard III trending with Richard Armitage!

    • You accidentally commented on the graphic page, not the post page. No big deal. I agree. It would be amazing to have them trending at the same time!

  2. Jane

    I could be wrong but didn’t RA trend on twitter when the first Hobbit trailer was released and everyone wanted to know who sang that enchanting song?

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