Add another addiction to the list…

…because I love me some Hobbit, Bagginshield and Durincest fanfic of the hot and NSFW variety. I was chatting with some friends about the possibility of posting links to some of my favorite fics and then today Agzy said she had thought about doing the same. That gave me the push I needed to go ahead and do this post.

Here is the deal, I know that there are people in our fandom who dislike the erotic fics. There are also people who despise real people fics. Then there is the issue of slash fics. I’ll tell you right now that this post is NOT for you if you fall into any of those categories. If you don’t like the stuff, just move along.

So with that warning in place, here are some of the fics that I’ve enjoyed recently (by no means a comprehensive list):


  1. Leather and Rope by SplashTheWine–Bilbo wasn’t sure when things had changed, when things had shifted from flirting to where he was now… Bound and terrified. #NSFW #Slash #Non-Con at first
  2. The Heart of a King by shinigami714–After leaving the goblin cave, Bilbo doesn’t remove the ring from his finger, unaware of its powers. Thorin’s company doesn’t see his return, and Bilbo watches as they discuss his abandonment of them. #NSFW #Slash
  3. The Tenderness of a King by shinigami714–Fili and Kili out Bilbo as a virgin embarrassing him in front of the other dwarves. One dwarf intends to rectify the situation. #NSFW #Slash
  4. The Voice of a King by shinigami714–Thorin can’t seem to hold himself back after Bilbo has a near death experience. Bilbo doesn’t seem to mind. #NSFW Slash
  5. We’ll Have to be Gentle by ThorinOakenshield (Jensensational)–In which Bilbo is ready for another bout, but is sore from the previous round. So Thorin decides to be as gentle as possible. #NSFW #Slash
  6. My Treasure by Stravaganza–After the defeat of Smaug, possessive! Thorin has his way with Bilbo… on top of all of that gold. #NSFW #Slash
  7. The Curious Nature of Hobbits by Eshli–Bilbo has made the strangest thing that any of the dwarves have ever seen. None of them understand what it is. Thorin in particular is curious as to what a hobbit would possibly use an eight-inch cylindrical piece of polished wood for. #NSFW


  1. Dirty Talk by ferowyn–Bilbo walks in on Fili and Kili who are having a very informative conversation. #NSFW #Slash
  2. Silver Tongue by twodwarves_oneeagle–After Thorin accidentally walks in on Fili and Kili together, it leaves some interesting prospectives in its wake. #NSFW #Slash

Hobbit Cast RPF:

  1. Post-Premiere Relaxation Manual by waves-of-sorrow–In which Richard is tense and Cate helps him relax. #NSFW
  2. Methods of Persuasion by waves-of-sorrow–In which Martin is grumpy and anti-social and Richard attempts (and fails) to make him go out with the rest of the cast. #NSFW #Slash
  3. Don’t Care Who’s Watching by brodinsons (aeon_entwined)–Aidan and Dean don’t care who’s watching, which gets them into an interesting situation with Richard. #NSFW #Slash
  4. Untitled by Traveller–“Just get rid of this fucking thing,” Richard says, scratching at the beard.”
  5. The Barber by FoxRafer–Aidan Turner cleans up Richard’s shaggy hair. #Slash
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42 thoughts on “Add another addiction to the list…

  1. Thanks, Jas. I haven’t read or written any slash in a long time. I will have to check some of these out. 😉

    • I don’t know if I’ve ever told you, but your fics were my first introduction to slash fic! I hope you enjoy some of these, I know I did. 😉

      • You’re kidding! I didn’t know that! I have to say I was truly wading into uncharted territories for me, but I had a blast doing it.

        • Totally serious. And I if I recall correctly, I started with the Guy and Rebecca fic, which ended up with Guy, Rebecca, Lucas and Jack…OH MY! 😳

          • Yes, you recall correctly. And of course the Wonder Twins performing for that audience of one, Ros. 😉 Ah, happy times. And a happy ending for almost everyone except Sarah. MUhahahahahahahahaha

            • I love that everyone we wanted to get a happy ending got one! Those are my favorite kinds of fics.

              • Yeah, and I gave a not-so-happy ending to those we wanted to see get their just desserts. *chuckles evilly* I know all too often we don’t get those happy endings in RL, so why not create them in our stories?

      • What Jas said. I need to start that refresher course. 😉

  2. Snickers' Mom

    Thanks for sharing. It is nice to see others taking notice of Richard and appreciating the depth he brings to Thorin.

    • You are most welcome…you know I have to keep my fellow Pervettes up to date with the fics I’ve read. 😉

  3. Thanks, Jas! 😉

  4. Joanna

    Yes !.. those were the happy times,Fedora 😉 Thanks for the tips,Jasrangoon:)

  5. Thora

    Of course everyone has the right to fantisise what ever they want. But I just can’t understand how stories like this can turn people on. For me it’s creepy and disrespectful. But that’s me. Just had to say that. I mean no harm. I know you are really devoted fans..

    • You are correct, every one is entitled to enjoy or dislike as they see fit. In fact, I even pointed out and gave forewarning in the post specifically for people like you, who have an issue with this kind of fic. I guess you missed the part about just moving along if this isn’t your cup of tea? Oh well, consider yourself heard, you consider it creepy and disrespectful.

      • Well, I read most of them last night and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Quite a lot of wit and humor and some sweet tenderness along the way,too, along with the expected hot and heavy. And better written than a certain grey-hued phenomenon of which I’ve heard far too much . . .;) In fact, I am going to reblog, prevette that I apparently am. 😉

        • I’m glad you enjoyed them! Part of what I really enjoy is that every fic is different. Each author has a different take on who the characters are, making them their own. I’m also always really impressed when I find out that some of the authors are not native English speakers!

          Oh, and let me assure you, you are definitely a Pervette, and I mean that in the most complementary fashion! 😉

  6. Jas Jas Jas. You corrupter you.

  7. Obscura


    • I can’t remember who came up with that one, but I really like it. 🙂

      • Have you ever seen Dr. Strangelove? I accidentally referred to myself as a “Prevette” instead of a “Pervette.” You’ll know why if you’ve seen the movie LOL

  8. Hoot hoot! Guess I know what I’ll be doing tonight… and in the language of tumblr: I’m not even sorry! 🙂
    I’d like to add: for Kili/Fili stories, the usual warning apply 🙂

  9. Reblogged this on the armitage effect and commented:
    PLEASE NOTE: this is definitely NOT going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Don’t click on links if you imagine you’d be offended. I am not reblogging to start an argument over pros and cons of explicit/slash/RPF stories. Simply want to give those of you who might enjoy these types of fanfic a link to read. I do both read and write NSFW fiction and appreciate the work done here. Enjoy if it is your thing and go on to something else if it isn’t. Let’s keep things fun and civil. Thanks!

  10. Servetus

    Thank you SO much. !!!! These are GREAT!!!!

    Thanks also for standing up for our right to read and joy what we read and enjoy and most importantly, to talk about it.

    • I’m happy to oblige! 🙂 I always like to get fic recommendations from other people, so I figured I would return the favor. As long as we give fair warning, I see it as the readers responsibility to decide if they want to click the links or not. We shouldn’t have to hide what we enjoy because it makes some people uncomfortable.

      • obscura

        Amen…what I find fascinating is that some still feel the need to get in the judgement licks…why is that necessary? I’m not a big fan of lollipops and marshmallows, but I don’t need to go to their house and call them out on it 😉

        • Is it part of human nature, I wonder? That need to get in your two cents’ worth on the subject . . . what’s funny is when you know someone has been reading these types of stories and yet they feel they have to make a public condemnation of some sort. Just a bit hypocritical, wouldn’t you say? 😉

        • I’ll never understand how the minds of people work, probably not even my own. 😉 I hope at some point we’ll all learn to live and let live. If people like the stuff, read it. If they don’t just move along without feeling like they have to voice their disapproval.

      • obscura

        Displaced guilt maybe? Kind of “I shouldn’t like these, so I’ll make sure people know I don’t like them (even though I do)” IDK…it’s circular reasoning at best.

  11. Thanks for the link Jas Rangoon. 🙂

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