Tolkien Day Graphic Mishap

Every once in a while I try out a tutorial in Photoshop that doesn’t turn out anything like it is supposed to. Normally those attempts are really horrendous. I’ve been trying one such tutorial out and while I didn’t get the results I was expecting, I did end up with something kind of cool.

When I was a kid, one of my favorite art projects was where you colored with several colors of crayons on a page, then covered all of the color with black crayon. At that point we always grabbed a coin and scraped pictures into the black, revealing the colors behind. Anyone else ever done that? Anyway, when I realized the graphic I was trying to make wasn’t going to turn out, I inverted the colors and ended up with something that reminded me of those crayon drawings of my youth.

I should note, that I was trying to make a graphic for Tolkien Day. After all, we’ve got to give props to the man who gave us The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion. If J.R.R Tolkien were alive today he’d be 121. So…Happy Tolkien Day!

Tolkien Crayon Scratching

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5 thoughts on “Tolkien Day Graphic Mishap

  1. I love your creativity.

  2. Servetus

    I loved that project too — we did it all the time in Sunday school and art classes. But mine were usually more rainbow colored than yours, which is much more classically artistic.

    • The rainbow colors were my favorite–scraping through the black to reveal all that vibrant color.

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