What Larry Curtis had to say about Richard Armitage

Normally I just skip over podcasts and stuff like that because they just take more time than I want to give. But one popped up in my email that has Larry Curtis from TORn discussing The Hobbit and the criticism of the film. You can find the podcast here. Granted I haven’t seen much of the film, but the critics seem to have been quite harsh in ways that are not warranted. That being my perception I was interested to hear the view of someone who loves Tolkien’s work and had seen the film.

There were a lot of great things covered in this podcast, but there was a moment that stood out for a Richard Armitage fan. This is what Larry Curtis had to say about Richard’s acting:

Richard Armitage, starting in January is going to be on magazine covers everywhere. The guy is going to be a superstar. He already has a following, but this will dynamically change the trajectory of his career and everything. He will be a household name, at least by the end of the trilogy, if not by the end of this year. He is super good.

I feel silly when I hear this kind of thing, because I feel proud–proud that all of his talent and hard work over the years is being recognized and now the world is about to see what we’ve known for years.

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20 thoughts on “What Larry Curtis had to say about Richard Armitage

  1. Thanks for sharing, Jas, because frankly I can’t seem to keep up with everything, what with being in the midst of a major household project. I haven’t read many reviews but some seem too focused on the HFR rather than content of the film, etc. So far I haven’t seen anything truly negative said about RA’s performance. Always glad to hear the male POV on him, too–someone not considered one of those “crazy females.” 😉

    I do think Richard has a bright future ahead and will continue going from strength to strength as has been his goal.

    • I know what you mean about having a hard time keeping up. Saturday I was at the movies from 10 in the morning until 11 pm, watching the LOTRs trilogy. I think I missed quite a bit and am still trying to catch up. I’m just glad for email notifications, the Richard Armitage hashtag, and RANet. Without those three things I’d miss everything!

      It is really nice to hear a male point of view about RA. It’s also nice to hear someone who loves these characters having nothing but complementary things to say about his performance! I too think Richard has a great future ahead of him and I can’t wait to see the direction he takes from this point forward.

  2. Mezz

    Thanks Jas!! I’m downloading the podcast now.
    When I read quotes like this I am overwhelmed with emotion…pride, excitement, joy, and so much love for our wonderful, talented man.

    • I really enjoyed the podcast, Mezz. I hope you do too. I’m the same way about reading quotes like this. I just want to jump up and down like an idiot, because others are finally catching on!

  3. Anonymous

    Yay! *clapping* well deserved accolades for a talented, hard working guy.

    • Very well deserved! It is a joy to watch him being praised for his wonderful work. Now I just have to bide my time until Friday to see the film for myself. 🙂

  4. Teuchter

    I just this moment finished downloading and listening to the interview and had a huge lump in my throat to hear Richard described in such glowing terms. I went “YESSS!!!!!” and felt like standing up and cheering!! I don’t think I could have been more proud if he had been a relative of mine. His family must be fairly bursting with it. Oh how Miss Pat would have loved to hear all that and then again maybe she can! I have no doubt she saw his potential way back then. He has alluded to her influence more than once over the years.

    I’ve always longed for the day when we could indeed go to the magazine section of stores and see his picture gracing the front of heaps of them so we may not have long to wait. 🙂 I too love to hear accolades from a “male point of view” so that people don’t get the idea that he is beloved because of his good looks alone. They will see that there is a LOT more to him than “just a pretty face” as the saying goes. Of course he is beautiful, there is no getting away from that fact, but his beauty goes all the way into his heart and soul, it’s not just surface deep.

  5. Thank you, Jas! What a thrill to hear such praise for our lovely man. I wish I could give him a big hug and say ‘Well done, Richard!’. He works tremendously hard to deliver every performance. We know he is fully committed to his craft, that he leaves his heart, mind, and soul out there every time he acts. The only other actor I know who is as wonderful as Richard is Hugh Jackman. Still, we know that – contrary to Hugh – our man is shy by nature and the price he pays for doing what he loves, what he was born to do, is probably too high sometimes. Having to go on this world tour, sit through the Press Conferences and the junkets, and walk the Red Carpet smiling at everyone, shaking hands, signing autographs and having his picture taken must be very difficult for him. I’m shy in public and I know it would take a tremendous effort for me to go through that. Still, his humility and the love he knows we have had (and still have) for him, plus that of his family and close friends must be what gives him the courage to put himself out there. That, and his desire to put his ‘very vivid imagination’ to use. I just love the man, and I do not mean that in a creepy way. I really think of him as my friend and – as silly as it may sound – I want to protect him from all the loss of privacy that is coming his way. Every day I pray that he can finally get the funds to play Richard III and – most importantly – that he finds someone who is genuine and virtuous and loyal, someone who makes him laugh and allows him to feel safe. We all need that kind of harbor, don’t we? Sorry I have rambled on about Richard, but I can’t help myself. I’m so happy for him! Of course, if I ever meet him I would probably faint, but that’s another story. 😉

  6. Teuchter

    Amen and amen to all that you have written Berta!

    • Thank you! I love your comment too. It’s easy to praise the man, isn’t it? He gives me hope that there are other good men out there, and he has certainly motivated me to start writing again. I am excited about seeing him play Thorin, and I also look forward to seeing Black Sky. I hope he doesn’t die in that one! I want to see a happy ending. 😉

      • Teuchter

        I’d hate to think they’d do that to us. 😦 We have suffered through so many of his “deaths” I’m not sure my poor heart can take any more of them. We are long overdue a happy ending. I can’t think of an ending that I’ve really loved since North and South! *sigh* And that was YEARS ago!

        • Exactly. The other day I was shocked when I heard a reporter ask Richard about Lucas, and the man said something like ‘you had Lucas North killed at he end of Season 9, blah, blah’ and Richard said ‘yes, blah, blah’ and I actually said ‘WHAT?!!!! RICHARD!!!’. I have been traumatized by what the writers did to Lucas, by the character assassination, and to hear Richard admit that he was complicit was tremendously shocking. If I ever have the opportunity to meet him and ask about this, I will. Anyway, I want Richard’s next movie to be “all about LOVE”, like he said he wanted to do. Also, Richard needs to have a GREAT kissing scene on film. A passionate one, a very romantic and faint when you watch it one. You know, like the ‘elevator’ kiss Rufus Sewell had on Zen. [If you haven’t watched that BBC mini-series, it’s a must!]. So, yes, Richard needs to bring his sexy romance to the big screen as soon as possible. I demand it! hahaha 😉

          • Teuchter

            I wonder if he was just having that reporter on there. Remember the interview on GMTV when he said – and showed – how shocked he was at the twist series 9 was to take. I still love that “What???!!” look he had on his face!

            I did watch Zen so I know exactly what you mean!! 😉 “Faint when you watch it” would be a very apt description if it Richard was to do that! *swoon*

  7. Teuchter

    Oops!!! I didn’t think the video itself would show up there!! Sorry!

    • Teuchter, you need never apologize for putting a Richard interview into the comments. 😉

      • Teuchter

        Thanks ladies! I needed to hear that from you – NTM that hot video! BTW have you seen the fantastic new one Mezz posted on YT today? Love it, love it, love it!! *swooon* I’m absolutely sure no one will mind me sharing it here! 😉


      • Mezz

        *blushes* Thank you Teuchter, you’re a sweetie, I’m glad you like the video.

    • Jas is right, Teuchter. Army soldiers never apologize for drooling over Richard or blogging about Richard or fainting when looking at Richard, and certain NEVER for watching a video and listening to that chocolate voice. I feel the need for a re-watch of that third Sexy Back video. Join me, please!

  8. I am thrilled for Richard Armitage and his upcoming recognition with The Hobbit films! He has shared his talented storytelling with us and touched our hearts as few actors can.

    And now Richard Armitage and his artistic gifts will belong to the world. And I can’t stop smiling through my tears of joy for him.

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