Richard Armitage is at #68 on IMDb!!!

Woo Hoo! I saw this info tweeted by @Kaprekar30. This seemed like a big deal, so I wanted a screencap. Yeah, have I mentioned yet that I’m a silly fangirl? 😉 At least I’m enjoying myself!


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15 thoughts on “Richard Armitage is at #68 on IMDb!!!

  1. Teuchter

    I’m beyond excited for him! Shooting star!! 😀

  2. Whooooo-hooooooo! *dancing a happy Angie fangurl jig*

  3. Wow….

  4. Mezz

    “Shooting star” “star on the rise” Absolutely!! This is what we’ve been waiting for! *dances with Angie* 😀 😀

    • Teuchter

      “joining in the dancing” 🙂 Mine is sort of Latin inspired – well I like to think it is!! 😀 Argentinian Tango anyone?? I wish!! I’d probably fall over. 😦

  5. Woo-hoo! Go, Mr. A! 🙂 *dances with the rest of the fangurls*

  6. Wow! Can top 10 be far away?

  7. Oh, my gosh, he has risen 108 places IN ONE WEEK!!!! I wish I could scream and run around the block like Geraldine did when Harry proposed to her, but I live in Texas and the neighbors would call the police STAT! Richard, we are so proud of you, SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! *happy Snoopy dance*
    OOOF! I hope his family and friends throw him a lovely, intimate party. I can “see” him with his nephew at Christmas, watching the boy open the LEGO set. I can imagine him showing them the presents he got from Peter Jackson, demonstrating how to use Orcrist, telling them story after story, breaking out the many pictures he must have taken. I can see his father patting him in the back, his mother cooking all his favorite dishes, his brother and family laughing and crying at his adventures. Can you tell I have one of those ‘very vivid’ imaginations? How I wish I was his friend so I could hug him and SQUEEZE!!! hahaha … I’m smiling; I can’t stop myself. Wait until the movie comes out this week. By the time this year ends, I predict Richard will be in the Top Ten. Watch out Tom Hardy, our King is going to take his rightful place at number one soon enough. We, the soldiers in his Army, will not let him fail. We are going to keep promoting the heck out of his career. We are his Amazons and we will never walk away from out chosen task of letting the world know what a treasure he is and letting Richard remember he is not alone in this journey. I am going to be blogging about him until my fingers cannot type on a keyboard anymore. Heck, by then I’ll probably be able to blog with my mind! ;D


  8. rbb

    I’ve been watching it for a while, and it kept saying ‘Top 500’, and kept showing ‘Up one hundred and something this week’. So this was bound to happen soon – there are only that many 100s in 500 🙂 ! So happy to see it!

    Freeman is #9, and after the premier will probably be higher still, with Richard not far behind….

  9. Woooow, that’s wonderful news !!! 🙂

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