Richard Armitage with his Lego

There is a lot to like about this image…the smile, the holding of his Lego piece, the chest hair… did I just say chest hair? Yes, yes I did. I know that there are quite a few of us who have wondered about his chest hair when it isn’t removed for roles. This pic seems to indicate a nice smattering. Okay, I’m done now, I’ll go back to staring at that gorgeous smile.

Image Courtesy of BuzzFeed

Image Courtesy of BuzzFeed



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13 thoughts on “Richard Armitage with his Lego

  1. And the braid. And the being filthy.

    • Jazzy, I totally noticed both, but well, my thoughts are not really blog appropriate when it comes to those two aspects of the pic! 😉

  2. obscura

    I love this fandom…from the serious to the sublime in a heartbeat..not to be contrary – I like a “nice smattering of chest hair” as much as the next girl, but he also looks pretty grubby here. Some dirt maybe? It does raise the question has to why the entertainment industry assumes that all grown men should look like 13 year old boys when it comes to chest hair…just something I ponder 🙂

    • Grubby, yes indeed he does look grubby. And I love it! There seems to have been a shift in recent years away from grown men having to look like teenage boys. I’m blanking at the moment on any examples, but I recall seeing several stars sporting chest hair on television and in movies. I don’t care for the carpeted look, but a little hair never hurt anyone. 😉

      • obscura

        Now that I’m thinking about it all I see are bald pecks and abs in’s like I haven’t seen a movie in years. Haven’t seen RA shirtless since Strikeback (unless I missed something) but Porter was pretty clean too. I cannot even contemplate what the site of a “nice smattering (in board shorts 🙂 ) might do to me…dare I say drive me apes@#t?

        • What are you trying to do to me? A smattering of chest hair AND board short (of the low slung variety, I hope)!!!! Oh the fangirl fantasies that brings to life. Apes@$t, indeed! 🙂

      • obscura

        Is there any other kind of board short worth wearing? Are you sitting down? Don’t forget the erm…*treasure trail* if we’re forgoing all the manscaping 😉

  3. Joanna

    There! 😀 getting better and better

  4. Teuchter

    Okay – I think I can finally breathe again! *gasps* Good grief, how DO you drag your eyes away from this picture? First the smile – actually that’s a barefaced lie as it was the chest hair that I became glued to first (metaphorically speaking of course!) – then the smile on that marvelous face which the dirt only seemed to enhance. After I tore my eyes off those I could then pour over the rest of it. 🙂

    Somehow I always suspected that he would have “a nice smattering” if left to itself and not continually waxed or however it was removed. With how hairy his arms are (and his legs?) it stood to reason that he would have more than a few! 😉 It’s amazing how slender his wrist and forearm are when his upper arms are so muscular, and of course you really notice how beautiful his hand is. BTW I love how the ends of his braids have such cute curls on them! 🙂 On anyone else the long hair and braids could look feminine but it seems to be the opposite with Richard. He looks completely and gorgeously masculine. *sigh*

    • Drag your eyes away? I don’t really, just leave it up and come back for another peek every once in a while! 😉 I’m not sure which caught my attention first, the chest hair or the smile. The smile seems particularly magnificent in this image for some reason. I’m with you, I always thought he’d probably have a nice smattering. He’s just too hairy (not in a bad way) to have that smooth chest like Guy. Those braids are just begging to be played with aren’t they. I just want to wrap them around my fingers! 😉

  5. Mezz

    Ditto what Teuchter said. My thoughts exactly!! 🙂
    I initially saw this on my phone and couldn’t wait to see a larger picture so I could drool over the details…the sight of those braids hanging down over his chest hair makes my mouth water.

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