Anonymity Lost

I saw this tweet a little while ago and have been thinking about it:

Mr. Armitage,

I hope that there are no byproducts of being a part of a blockbuster trilogy that cause you true dread , even the loss of your anonymity. There will be more recognition, but hopefully not a major invasion of your privacy. I’ve yet to encounter one of your fans who wants to know every detail of your daily life–in fact, the very absence of those details keeps a lot of us intrigued.

You’ve never done anything that has landed you in the tabloids on your side of the world, and I don’t foresee that changing just because you’re working in Hollywood. American’s seem to enjoy reading about those who have made a train wreck of their lives. Decent human beings on the other hand are seen as something of a bore. A sad commentary about the state of our media and public consumption, but there you have it.

So please don’t dread the recognition you so deserve. Just keep being the person you’ve presented to the world thus far and you’ll be fine. (You may just have to sign a few more autographs.)



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19 thoughts on “Anonymity Lost

  1. Servetus

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  2. Amen, amen, amen. I didn’t see that tweet. Kind of makes me sad. It a shame that what he loves to do so often means that he will be fairgame to TMZ and the like.

    • I really hope he isn’t super concerned about that aspect of things. My hope for him is that he can thoroughly enjoy all of this. I think that he can still maintain his privacy if he wants to. There are plenty of actors who just don’t put themselves out there. A lot of the ones on shows like TMZ actually call the paparazzi and let them know their location. It’s all really crazy.

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  4. Teuchter

    Adding my amen to your letter also. I certainly hope and pray it won’t be as bad as he is anticipating.

  5. rbb

    I’ve actually been curious about it. Was he really anonymous in London those last 5 years, since he appeared in Spooks ? I can hardly imagine that.
    Sure, few would recognize him in US, but that is not where he lived…

    • It seemed like he wasn’t noticed very often even in London.

    • I’m in the US, so I don’t really know. He’s talked about kids recognizing him as Gisborne and their mother’s saying, “No that’s Lucas.” However, I imagine there will be a notable difference going from a couple of TV shows to being in a worldwide blockbuster.

      • Yeah it probably just depends on who you ask. While I was in England only one person recognized his name and it was my friend’s husband.

  6. Teuchter

    My daughter works with a woman from England and when she asked her about him she said she’d never heard of him! I was, as the saying goes, “gobsmacked”!! Mind you she might have recognized a picture of him, but still. Unbelievable!

    • sloan

      I figured he would feel that way and that he was enjoying the last vestige of his anonymity before the publicity blitz for the Hobbit. I dread him losing his anonymity too.

  7. obscura

    I also share the hope that he can preserve whatever of anonymity he prefers…it will probably be difficult initially with the media blitz, but people have short memories especially if one is motivated to stay off the radar – probably why some Hollywood types report themselves to the paparazzi – obsessed with being yesterday’s news. Since comparisons to Viggo Mortensen are being made, he achieved mega stardom with LOTR, but has managed not to be hunted down constantly – I would guess RA can eventually manage the same if he so chooses.

  8. Jane

    Does he have reason to worry that something might get discovered that could harm him? If not, there is nothing to fear, even if a few things get reported. A certain type of paparazzi pics that gives a little insight in a celeb’s private life can only be seen as positive publicity.

  9. Another amen here.

  10. Kitty

    ‘A’ to the ‘men’!

  11. fitzg

    I really like that, based on the interviews and coverage of the Wellington,Tokyo and Toronto premieres, he can’t stop grinning. All those years of work! He’s having a lovely time. In his way. He can guard his privacy, he has the right stuff. And he will. He’s grounded, I think.

  12. rbb

    I have to say, thought, that if he expects this photoshoot (and others) to be helpful in preserving his anonymity, he is in for a surprise … 😀

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