Balm to the Soul: Richard Armitage and his Fandom

When I was a teenager, my parents went away for their anniversary for a week and let me stay home by myself for the first time. It just so happened that their trip coincided with Halloween. The evening of Halloween I spent at church, helping man one of the booths at our annual fall festival. By the time I headed home it was dark out and it being Halloween, I let my fancy get the best of me. Nervous about going into the house, my best friends’ mom went in with me. She took the time to go through each room with me, checking out closets and making sure all of the windows and doors were locked. It was silly on my part, but she didn’t think anything of taking those few minutes to make sure I felt safe.

I’ve been thinking about her a lot this week. She had been battling cancer, at one point the prognosis wasn’t so hot. But then her family received miraculous news. The tumor had shrunk by half! Cheers and rejoicing took place and many prayers of thanks were lifted up. So the events of this last week came as an even more devastating blow. The ravages of chemo and radiation had taken their toll on her poor body and her heart stopped beating. By the time she had been stabilized by paramedics, her brain had been without oxygen so long that she had brain damage and couldn’t breathe on her own.  My dear friends and their father were left having to make choices that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Sunday morning this wonderful woman, whom I viewed for so many years as a second mother, passed away.

This may seem like an odd thing to post about on a blog mostly dedicated to Richard Armitage, but it isn’t. It was a friend I’d met because of Richard Armitage who offered me her phone number, when she learned how upset I was, and told me to call her at any time if I needed to talk. It was fellow fans who chatted with me, telling jokes, providing me with my preferred brand of medicine (pictures of attractive actors), offering virtual hugs and shoulders to cry on, even though we’ve never met in person.

Then there was the influx of Richard Armitage news throughout the week. I would have been excited about it no matter what, but the timing has been such a godsend. It has provided joy and distraction during this time. Joining with others on Twitter and in Armitage World Chat to share in the unfolding events was just what I needed. It may not have taken away the sorrow, but it has been a balm to my soul.

So thank you Richard Armitage, for continuing to be your wonderful self. Seeing you shine and hearing your thoughtful remarks along with the praises heaped on you by your director and fellow actors has been a joy. And thank you my fellow fans. Even though most of you didn’t know it, you have been helping me through a devastating time, and I couldn’t be more grateful for you all.

After writing this, I’m in need of a good dose of medicine:

Photo Courtesy of the Russian Armitage fansite...sorry not sure of it's name.

Photo Courtesy of the Russian Armitage fansite…sorry not sure of it’s name.


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21 thoughts on “Balm to the Soul: Richard Armitage and his Fandom

  1. I’m very very sorry to hear about your loss but I can relate to how you have been feeling these last few days. I’ve made some good virtual friends through commenting on blogs and tweeting about RA. I sometimes wish I could meet some of you in person but – alas – you are all scattered around the world.
    Sending you big hugs! xxx

    • Thank you, Suse. I’ve made some great virtual friends as well. Maybe someday we’ll be able to have a big Armitage Admirer meet up.

  2. I am so sorry to hear your sad news and wish you all the best. RA is a real medicine and hope in all this and I am glad that you were swarmed with loads of news and potent medicine during your time of need. I hope the medicine flood will go on and continue to help you and all of us.
    Warm hugs and my thoughts are with you!

    • Thanks, Cdoart. He really is good medicine. All of this joyful news has really made a huge difference.

  3. Leigh

    I am so sorry, Jas. My thoughts are with you, and I send virtual {{{hugs}}}. Richard truly is balm for the wounds life inflicts. Take plenty of medicine, my dear, and remember we’re here, as close as your computer, should you need us.

    • Thanks for the virtual hugs, Leigh! The continual stream of news and images really does help and the community we have here makes a big difference.

  4. obscura

    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. It is never easy to lose someone who has touched one’s life. I’m so glad that you can find comfort here…it is one of the very best things about this wonderful person…that through just being who he is, he has attracted such a great group of people who can support each other in such times. My prayers are with you.

    • Thank you, Obscura. I do think it says a lot about him, the kind of fans he’s attracted. We develop real friendships were we can discuss all kinds of things, even our real life pain. I appreciate the prayers.

  5. Kitty

    I’m so sorry about your friend. You’re right about the timely news of Richard’s success being a balm. We’ve been hit w/ some devastation in our family this week, too. Escaping into Armitage world is just what the doctor ordered. Hugs, Sweets.

    • Thank you, Kitty, and I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had devastating events this week as well. I’m so glad we have all of this news and and a wonderful community for an escape. It truly is a blessing. Hugs and prayers to you.

  6. Teuchter

    No wonder you were devastated, Jas. How very sad for all concerned. She was obviously one very special lady. I can understand how and why you found Richard to be as balm to your soul. The picture above is a perfect example! 🙂 Can’t you just imagine he is just sitting opposite you there? I have found him to be a comfort on so many occasions over the years and wonder what I would have done without him. To some that may sound strange – a little crazy even – but to those of us who have experienced it, that is how it is. You know you are in our thoughts and prayers. It is one of the joys of this amazing “little community” how we care and support each-other through life’s ups and downs.

    • She really was a special lady, Teuchter. I so appreciate that there are other people who understand how comforting reading and looking at this man can be. You’re so right, most people probably do find it strange, but we know. Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate the thoughts and prayers.

  7. boffleb

    So sorry to hear you sad news. But happy you had such a special lady in your life. Good choice of comforting presence, works for a lot of us, I expect. I imagine the man himself would offer his condolences and give you a hug. In lieu of that, virtual hug coming your way. xo

    • Yes, I’d rather suffer her loss now than to have never have known her. He really is a comforting presence, even though he’s just on a screen. I’ll gladly accept your virtual hug. 🙂

  8. Joanna

    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, Jasrangoon. Agreed, indeed HE is and You All are like a balm to the soul, thank you!

    • Thank you, Joanna. I think that we find this community because we need people who understand, and in times like this, it is really a comfort to know that their are others who can relate to feeling that he is a balm to the soul.

  9. bollyknickers

    I’m sorry for your loss Jas. She sounds like a wonderful lady – how often it is those small kindnesses that make all the difference to someone’s life. It’s a lesson to us all. I’m so glad you can take comfort in the special things that are happening for this community this week.

    • Bollyknickers, you are so right, it really is the little things over time that make all the difference. I have so many memories of this lady, wonderful memories, but this one just kept popping into my head. I’m glad all of this has been going on as a distraction, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who needs it. Thanks for your kind words.

  10. Servetus

    I’m sorry for your loss. I’m glad you can find some meaning in your experiences, as that’s something I struggle with myself.

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  12. I’m sorry for your loss Jasrangoon. Richard Armitage in an interview paid tribute to Eileen Moran, who died this week due to the cancer. A tribute to all who fight bravely against this disease and who are victorious for your courage and example of life.

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