Video: Richard Armitage on the Red Carpet…

…at the Japanese Hobbit premiere.

I wasn’t willing to stay up until three in the morning to watch the premiere, no matter how much I like Richard Armitage. So, I left my laptop on, the website up and my capture program running. Such a lovely thing to wake up to!  As long as the red carpet was, I decided to get all the clips of Richard on the red carpet–the interview, all of the interaction with the crowd and posing with the other cast members on the carpet and compile them.


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24 thoughts on “Video: Richard Armitage on the Red Carpet…

  1. Thanks for doing this, Jas. 😀

    • I’m happy to do it, Angie. I’d make it for myself anyway, so I might as well spread the love! 😉

  2. obscura

    Goddess! I am constantly amazed about what the “army” can do. Good thing we use our powers for good 🙂

    • obscura

      What a doll..I love the bit where he has someone’s camera and is shooting the pic of them together himself. *swoon*

    • I love how everyone pulls together to contribute what they can. He seemed so genuinely happy and to enjoy the red carpet. I really liked when he would take the pictures himself too. 🙂

  3. Leigh

    Yes, thank you so very much. Richard is so gracious, so kind, and generous. He must have a cramp in his hand from signing all those autographs.

    • You are welcome, Leigh. I like your description of him and yes, he must have had a cramp. I wonder if anyone counted how many autographs he ended up signing. 😉

  4. Jas… THANK YOU!!! You ROCK!!!!

  5. Teuchter

    You are the best Jas!!! Thank you so much! I think I was squealing just as much as all these girls. THEY sure know who he is! REEECHARD!! I love it!! 😀

    • Teuchter, you’re so nice! I’m glad you enjoyed the video clips. Those girls screaming REEECHARD was one of the highlights of watching the red carpet for me. If I ever met him I would be quiet or a babbling idiot, but inside I’d be just like those girls…REEECHARD!!!!

  6. boffleb

    Thank you! He’s so clearly shining with joy from this. How fun for everyone!

    • You’re welcome, boffleb. He did look so happy and all of them looked like they were having a grand time!

  7. Lovely, Jas. Thanks for posting. Martin Freeman even seemed to make an effort for this premiere! 🙂

    Thank goodness for all the handlers / impromptu photographers! 😉

    • Thanks, UK! I think Martin’s wife was at this premiere, maybe that has something to do with it. I love all of the photos being taken by the handlers, publicists or whoever they were. But my favorite thing was when Richard would grab the camera and take the picture himself! 🙂

      • I know – it’s cute – but if you’re the fan and you’re handed back the phone with some rubbish out of focus shot – it’s not as happy. 🙂 (Then you have to explain to everyone that the photo is rubbish because Richard grabbed the camera to take the photo himself. 😉

        I believe one fan had the reverse camera function on, so he could SEE himself as he took the picture – but that was only because the spotlights had their faces already well-lit – as I don’t believe there’s a flash on the reverse camera mode – but I could be wrong (I think he commented that it helped him that he could see himself to frame the picture). 😉

        Thanks again for posting! 🙂

  8. The video compilation is great! Thanks so much! I have linked to it!

  9. linda60

    Thanks Jas! What a blissful joy to watch this guy how he indulges in this sweeping wave of euphoria. Can you see my big grin?
    BTW Martin Freeman with his accurateley parted hair looks fairly older (or maybe just more tired…) than Richard in a couple of shots.

  10. fitzg

    Marvellous, Jas! So great of you:D Loved the infectiousness of those giggly Japanese fans – yes, ReeChard! @Teuchter! And their thank you, thank you! And lovely to see RA catch that spirit and carry it.

    • Bollyknickers

      Thank you so much Jas- I was so thrilled to open up my messages and see this as I missed the premiere when It was streamed. So much to like : Richard looking happy and the fans welcoming him with a joy and enthusiasm that is hard to beat. It will make me smile all day.

  11. Snoozie

    Oh my gosh, thank you Jas! This was so much fun to watch. He truly looks to be enjoying the moment.

  12. Joanna

    Thank you for sharing, Jasrangoon! 🙂 I can’t stop smiling 🙂

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